Barking Happy Lenny

Every morning I get up, let the dogs out into the yard, get the catfood ready for the outdoor cats, grab the leashes, go outside, feed the cats and walk the dogs.

When Lenny sees me with the leashes, he starts barking with excitement. Then I yell at him “No Barking!” And we’re both waking the neighbors up. I try not to yell, but he’s soooo annoying.

I said I’d never get one o those anti-barking collars, but now I’m thinking about getting one. Give me one with a button I can press and I’d zap the hell out of him. He’s been the most difficult dog to train that I’ve ever seen. Not that I’m an expert.

The advice on the internet to teach a dog to stop barking seems stupid. “First teach him to bark on command, then teach him to not bark.”

Glad it’s Friday.Not particulalrl exctied about the weekend, wife’s gone, but it’s still a weekend.

Have a great day! And weekend!!!

5 thoughts on “Barking Happy Lenny

  1. MIA … that’s me. Far too much going on… but hey! I’m here… and totally intrigued with what you are doing to your home? Extending? OOoooo it sounds exciting. Explain more please.

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