Banking: The Biggest Culprit Destroying The Planet


My Mom sent me a check for my birthday. I deposited it in my account. The bank now charges $10 to process an overseas check. I asked what if it was a $10 check? The teller said the bank won’t take checks for $10 or less anymore. I asked what if it was an $11 check? The teller asked if I wanted to talk to the manager. I said I wanted to see it in writing. She instantly produced the document.

I’m going to tell my Mom not to send any birthday checks anymore.

5 thoughts on “Banking: The Biggest Culprit Destroying The Planet

  1. I am going to use the H word here. I HATE banks. They are criminal to say the least and legally allowed to be so. They scam people all the time with their lying, cheating, stealing and deceitfulness. The necessary evil of currency comes second. So there! I said it : ) Is this considered a rant?

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