I didn’t post yesterday, had to leave home early. Pleasingly, I had two “complaints” about not posting.

For the first time, I had two bunches of bananas ready at the same time. They don’t look like much in the picture above, but there’s a lot. Last time, I let them ripen on the tree, but then they were all ripe at once and we had a hard time eating them all. When you pick ’em green, they ripen in phases. Mo’ betta!

Above is about half, after giving most away to the neighbors and co-workers.

When I call them bananas, I am asked, “Are they bananas? Or are they bottlers?” Well, they are bottlers, a type of banana. (pronounced BOT-ler)

Wikipedia says: The types of bananas and plantains has been estimated to be anything from around 300 to more than 1000. Names are highly confused, even within a single country.

I looked it up because I wasn’t sure how to spell “Bottler”. Second guess would be botler, but it doesn’t look right in print…

Hopefully, I’ll receive some clairification from some NEW commentators!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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