Bad News Is Good News

Went to the dentist yesterday, I’m in really bad shape. Need an implant, a root canal (or two), and a crown and probably half a dozen fillings.

I also got the best cleaning I’ve ever had.

As I was leaving the dental office, the dentist nudged me, and asked “How long’s it been?” I said “excuse me?” “How long’s it been since you’ve seen a dentist?” When I told him last October, he seemed surprised.

But I got a very good vibe. Their checkup was very very thorough. For years, I’ve had “reactive” dentistry. The dentist never finds a problem until I go in and tell them there’s a problem. I told my new dentist precisely that, and told him I wanted “Proactive Dentistry”

When I was a wee schoolboy, one of my best friends dad was my dentist for years and years and years. At checkups, he’d find and fix problems before I knew they were there. He’s a very good dentist. I haven’t seen him since probably 1977. According to the internet, from what I can understand, (and I DON’T claim to understand) he developed a procedure that can practically replace a persons whole lower jaw, when dental problems create a catastophy that requires this. But like I said, it’s over my head. The point is, he has always been a frikkin awesome dentist. No dentist I’ve ever had has measured up to him, and for some inexplicable reason, I consider myself a pretty good judge of dentist quality.

The dentists today are getting younger and younger. (EVERYONE is getting younger and younger) My new dentist looks like a teenager or early twenties, I got the impression he is a very good dentist though. He reminded of one of those intense videogame players who takes his gaming very seriously.

Like I said, good vibe.

He also let me try on his glasses

They are cool, and now I want a pair, nay, I NEED a pair!

AND! (Wait for it….)

They have a television mounted on the ceiling, so that when you’re laying in the chair, you can watch TV!!! I swear, I have told each and every dentist my whole life that they should do that! Finally! Someone listened!

So, finally, I’m going to get the lower half of my head whipped back in shape.

Hava Happy Humpday!

4 thoughts on “Bad News Is Good News

  1. My goodness, that’s a lot of work to be done. We really like our dentist, too. He’s been our dentist since he graduated from dental school. He’s nearing retirement age now and we hope we go before he does because it would be devastating to have to find another dentist. He’s also a client of my CPA firm and a family friend. He’s the only guy I’ve ever known who can make me laugh while he’s doing a root canal or implant. I hope your treatment goes smoothly.

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