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I’m back to work today. I’m not supposed to go back till tomorrow, but my boss called Saturday and asked me to come in. I guess I can’t stay on the island and take vacation at the same time. If you recall, I delayed the start of my vacation by two days. Now I’ve ended it a day early. I don’t really feel bitter about it, I could say no. I am getting friday off!
When I walked the dog this morning, the sun wasn’t up, but there was a perfect transition in the sky from total darkness to the palest blue. It was the plainest, least detailed sunrise you could imagine, and that in itself made unique and interesting.

Here’s a fact about me: when I was in Grade One, I got good grades, a lot of “A’s”. Then we moved and in the second grade, I hated my new school and teacher and I got bad grades. My parents tried to punish me for getting bad grades, to try to force me to get good grades. In order to show that I knew what they were doing and that it wouldn’t work, I continued to get bad grades. If they had quit punishing me, or told me to get whatever kind of grades I wanted, I would have gotten good grades. But in order to show them who was in charge, I did the opposite of what they wanted me to do. I went through all my school years getting bad grades, and getting into trouble every time school grade cards came out. If my parents had ever quit trying to make me get good grades, I would have and could have easily.
What if I tried to train my dog to sit, and beat him every time he did not sit and never gave him a treat when he did? He would probably try to run every time I said the word “sit”. I have never hit my dog (except once, when he bit a cat I was introducing him to) and when I tell him to sit, his ass hits the floor immediately. He has always been extremely rewarded for good behavior tries soo hard to be good. And he is!
I wouldn’t change hardly anything about my past, because then I might not be me now. I’m not complaining about my parents, they did the best they could, but I wouldn’t do everything the way they did.

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  1. Ditto bit a cat!?! That deserves a bit of a spanking! I didn’t get good grades in school most of the time simply because I just didn’t care. Now that I’m in school again, I bust my butt and would just die if I got a bad grade. We are supposed to learn from our parents, so we can learn to be different from them if we learn nothing else.

  2. I wouldn’t necessarily do everything the same way my parents did either — don’t get me wrong – they did a lot of things right that at the time I didn’t understand, but definitely there are things I’d do differently —- like NOT COMPARE one child to it’s sibling! We’re all different.

  3. I don’t think ANY of us would do things the way our parents did. We end up making our own mistakes I’ve found. The best we can do is to hope that we learn from our mistakes. An interesting sunset is the best way to start the day. One of these days I’ll get up early enough to see one agian.

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