Back To Work

Today it’s back to work.
All my work will be backed up, plus the normal workload, the  vacation punishment.

I still want to post more Costa Rica pictures. Soon come.

I’m glad it’s not Monday, it seems like Monday to me, but I will soon find out that it’s not.

Yesterday I received my THIRD Nomad 20 solar panel. Two under warranty. We’ll see if this one works. I didn’t even open it for hours after I received it. Not thrilled anymore, don”t care.

Have a good WEEK!

4 thoughts on “Back To Work

  1. Enjoy your short work week.
    Bummer about the solar panels not working, there is nothing worse than getting something your were so looking forward to … then being disappointed by it again and again.
    I’ts a bit like having to wait over 4 months for our Archgola to be completed, it took the joy outta it for sure.
    YES I do have a tattoo. 2 in fact. A little one on the back of my neck and I got one the other day when Stew got his fantail tattoo. Look back at my post on Wednesday and you will see what I got!

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