Back to work.

Well, the dreaded day is here. Back to work. I have never worked anywhere that it is more difficult to go back after a vacation than here.
I feel pretty negative.
I dislike my boss’s usual snide insinuation that since I’ve been on vacation, I should be supercharged and want to work twice as hard now that I’m back. Like I should actually enjoy it when he screws me over. My life isn’t about work, it’s about my time off. Work is merely what I do for money to spend when I’m not working.
Hopefully, it won’t be as bad as I anticipate.

0 thoughts on “Back to work.

  1. It is always difficult to return to work after time off. And I just hate the way bosses make you feel like your life should be your job!!

  2. Hell yeah. I never understand why people would want to let their job become their life. I feel ya buddy. Hope it was an okay day! And that your boss kept his annoying remarks to himself!

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