Avatar 2

Yesterday afternoon I saw the movie Avatar 2: The Way Of Water.. It was good, i can understand people giving not so great reviews, but ignore them and see the movie in the theater. It was a very enjoyable movie.

What was wrong: Sully chose to leave his forest people and go to the water people because he was personally targeted by the Sky People. He did this to protect his family. Possibly, he should have sent them and continued as his people’s leader. Bad decision, let’s live with it and move on. Sigourney Weaver’s avatar had a baby, who seemed to have telepathic powers over the sea creatures. This maybe wasn’t explained with enough depth. But she was troubled that she could hear and feel the “mother” (God or the collective intelligence of the planet). And in the end, the bad guy was still alive and unaccounted for, and the infestation of sky people from which Sully fled was unaddressed. I guess the idea is to leave open the possibility of a third Avatar movie.

Anything else you’d care to add?

its easier to tell you the few bad things than list the million good things. I thought it was great overall.

This is probably my last post of the year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. Happy New Year! We’re watching movies at home where we can reach over the side of the chair and pet the pups. 🙂 Glad to hear you enjoyed that movie. I can wait for that one to come around to the TV someday.

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