At Least It’s Not Monday

But it feels like it. After 4 days off, I’m ready to go back to work. Kinda. Today I have a 90 minute dental appointment, installing implant #2. This afternoon, I have training at work. That means my work, which has been accumulating will accummulate more.

Didn’t see any transit of Mercury yesterday, it was cloudy.

On the building front, there’s supposed to be an inspection today. The walls are almost done. I’m starting to worry about bathrooms and toilets and showers. Worried the shower base might be available. And stack-up washer/dryer combinations.

I need a whole lotta coffee today.

Have a good day!

One thought on “At Least It’s Not Monday

  1. Hope they have what you want available, is it hit and miss there on getting what you want versus what they have? Sure it will all be splendid when finished!

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