Asleep or awake

I’m walking the dogs on a rainy morning.
Last night I had a good topic. I didn’t write it down because I knew I could not forget it. Well I forgot. This is an interesting phenomenon, like remembering or getting a dream. But it happens when you’re awake.
From now on I have to write them all down, (I have a list.)
Today is Wednesday, it’s cloudy, very windy and very rainy. Not a day to ride the scooter.
I’ve started my course, “The Ethical Hacker”. It is very enjoyable. A lot of computer terms are like slang, like someone didn’t know the proper name made something up. I can relate to this, and understand it.
Have a good hump day!

6 thoughts on “Asleep or awake

  1. Mark, I have learned the hard way that if you don’t write a great idea down when you think of it, you will forget it. Ethical Hacker sounds intriguing. It is no where near rainy in my neck of the woods. The 90 degree weather has passed and now mid 70s has been the weather as of late. Happy Hump Day!

  2. I keep a notebook with me to write down my brilliant ideas. Unfortunately many times I can’t decipher what i wrote in a frenzy of inspiration.

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