Article From My Mom

My Mom, and at least one other source says Chrome isn’t the browser it once was. It’s a good read.

I have Chrome on all my stuff…. Maybe it’s time to switch back to Firefox?

Cloudy Thursday. Normally, I’d turn 59 today, but I moved my birthday to Friday.

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Article From My Mom

  1. I never used Chrome for that very same reason. Sometimes it rides the coattails of something else I downloaded and then I have to uninstall it. I am more vigilant now due to that happening. I use Firefox and since I have this new all-in-one computer it is the only browser I use — I still have I.E. on my laptop but also have Firefox there. I read a long time ago that Google is a snoop and I wanted nothing to do with them. Of course, some things you cannot run away from but I try avoid Google at all costs.

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