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I don’t know what to post about today, I worked till about 10:30 last night, and my split shift today is filled in by a Chamber of Commerce luncheon, we carry the speeches live after the lunch part.
I can tell my legs are getting in shape from riding my bike back and forth. I haven’t had my car for about a week. I should get it back any day. Today, I predict! Next comes the engine work, it leaks oil, and having my car for a week made my mechanic appreciate what that means.
Also, today is PAYDAY! I get paid once a month. Last month I had two airfares and a lot of expensive junk and I hope to re-coop from that at least partially. I have some big bills coming up though, I just hope I can get caught up to date. I can. But I have to pay the duty for my land I bought, and I should have the certificate of ownership any day now!
It feels like this week has already been 10 days long at least. It is good to be busy, I feel better. Exercise helps too.
AND I should be getting the materials for my college course today. (It’ll be late, packages always are, but soon!)

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  1. Well good I’m not the only one that saw that this morning! Just got back from an awesome hike. Hope you’re having fun at your chamber luncheon.Did you know that’s where I work? I mean our Chamber of Commerce in La Grange.

  2. I think you should post a picture of these shapely new legs. I think we all need to judge them. hee hee! I have been considering riding my bike to work. I will be working in downtown Harrisburg and will have to pay to park and will have to park a mile away. I’m just afraid of all the traffic. People are idiots!

  3. you should keep on riding the bike even when you get the car back, then again, I should start riding mine. I’m sure it would help with air consumption.

  4. Ah Carney, it’s hard to improve perfection! Let alone judge it (I’m joking, but I coouldn’t resist)Beck, with the rebreather, I don’t care about air consumption!Restless, I thought it was Lake La Grange, but Fayette sounds familiar.

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