Another lost post

Another lost post by wordpress. I wrote a post, uploaded a photo, and I notice the photo was uploading to a different, new blank post. I hit the back button but all my typing was gone.

Now I’ve lost my sense of humor, along with my funny (I thought s0) post. I got $500 from my mortgage co. because of extra escrow. I wrote a long post complaining about it. It was funny.

ON yesterdays photos, I couldn’t make the captions for the images “stick”. I entered a paragraph for each photo and when I saved all changes, the captions weren’t there. Twice.

I’m starting to forget why WordPress was better than Blogger….

3 thoughts on “Another lost post

  1. plus when I come over here it takes at least 3-4 tries to get your blog to down goes blank page and then nothing I try again and it goes blank page and nothing happens…have to do it at least 3 times before you actually show up….I don’t love the new blogspot, but it saves every I don’t lose anything.

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