Another Day

Well it’s Monday again, that means another perfect day, no breeze yet, pink / orange sunrise, and after a windy no diving weekend its perfect for diving – and I’m going to work.
Today should be an interesting because the girl who was on vacation should be back today and I’ll be able to see all my mistakes as well as get a few questions answered. It’s kind of like watching the “meal lump” go through the snake. At the end of this month, also this week, my input will show up upstairs at the billing department, there I am sure to be informed of any deficencies.
Anyway, my coffee turned out great today (it sucked yesterday, I used my backup coffee pot and it needs to be replaced)
I was avoiding telling you I had a backup coffee pot.

I’ll post this now so I can do nothing for the last half hour before I go to work.
I know today is a holiday in the UK. Is it labor day in the US? Rekkon I’ll be feeling like the only one on this planet working today….

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful sunrise there. I was actually up to see the sunrise here for a change – not quite the view like yours but pretty nonetheless. Good luck on the girl thing today — I know that can make the butterflies swirl… and as for Labor day in the US – that’s next Monday Sept 5th so don’t feel alone in the work force today!!! I’ll be working along with the rest of the US! 🙂 Hope you have a great day!

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