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For my birthday my wife got me an Amazon Kindle. I really like it. The Kindle is exactly like reading from paper. On computers, I have found that it it seems more difficult to get the information off the screen and into my head if I am reading a long book or manual. I have always printed the item if possible. The Kindles Electronic paper is exactly like reading from paper.
The Wife really fooled me good this year too. She had all this story about how Amazon is sending it to the Florida office, and then it’s going to be put on the container, Probably be here next Thursday….. yada yada yada…. ( I knew she was going to get it because she asked if I wanted one, I had actually been dreaming about it since then!
Then last Friday she says that she got me another little something, because the Kindle isn’t going to be here on time. SO she brings out this cigar box sized gift-wrapped box in a cigar shop bag. I’m thinkin’ “great cigars!!”.
And I open the box and it was the Kindle. I haven’t slept since. Back in the olden days, even before I was 10, I was constantly reading. I can’t even tell you what decade that habit began to fade, I have always read, but it has been somewhat less in recent years.
Also, ya know what? I think the books will last a lot longer on the Kindle. A lot of novels these days are engineered to fall apart, have you ever noticed? You read the book once, fine, but you read it again and the pages start to fall out. Ever notice that?
People are going to say, “if you like the Kindle, you should try the iPad or the Android!” You know what? iPads don’t impress me, My Palm Pilot of 15 years ago could do everything the iPad can. Plus the others have that same computer screen, the one that I find difficult to absorb information form.
Nope, the Kindle is exactly what I wanted, and I like it more now that I have it. Thank you Baby!

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  1. Years ago, swore I never would need a computer. Got one. Once I swore never to own a cell phone. Got two. Swore I would never buy a Kindle…love old paper books. We'll see what the years bring. But, I'm glad you like yours and so, enjoy it! Happy birthday!!

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