Almost missed it again

Woke up this morning and looked at the clock and it was 5:12. Apparently I accidently shut my alarm off off yesterday. I just woke up anyway. Lucky me.
I’m off tomorrow, the OI Girl gets here in the morning. I am excited!
Last night, on the phone, I was talking to the Fundgirl. Her best friend refers to me now as “The Cheater”. The Fundgirl isn’t mad, nor does she think I’m a cheater, but says she’d probably tell someone in her position the same thing. She said she can see her friends point. She asked me to reverse positions, to put myself in her shoes. Hmmmm. I told her I wanted a relationship, and that I liked her. She said she liked me, but didn’t want a relationship. Nothing has ever happened between us, we’ve never kissed. The fundgirl must have conveyed a different idea to her friend than she conveyed to me, or I’m not looking at it the same way they are.
I met The Fundgirl only two or three weeks before I met the OI girl. I want to keep her as a friend, and I’m not going to fool around on the OI girl.


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  1. I don’t know how you could have taken Fundraiser Girl’s message differently. She said she didn’t want anything, what else does that mean? And good idea, do not cheat on the OI girl.

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