Allright Washington Redskins!

Skins beat the Giants last night by one point! A win is a win in the NFL.

I’m really happy, Yesterday, when I posted, I thought the game was in New York, I was mistaken. Also,during the game, I was told that the Redskins had a 0-10 record on Monday nights. All the stuff I wrote yesterday was wrong, on a neutral field, Giants would have been favored by 5.5

The Giants looked good, that’s for sure. Every play was a long pass, every receiver was open. The Redskins weren’t covering the receivers at all. I think the Skins defense needs some work. The Giants couldn’t run against the Skins, but they could pass!

It’s Tuesday, I’m ready for the weekend already. I stayed up late last night and I’m tired today. Tonight, sleep early.

One thought on “Allright Washington Redskins!

  1. I’m happy and pissed..happy because I took the skins and 21/2 points and pissed because I had to go to house of satan for groceries and forgot about the damn game and missed it..heard it was a great game..good for our son is a big fan of rg3 and now roots for the cowboys..he’s no longer in the will…little fucker.
    don’t you love nitty gritty alaska?

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