Alll Right!

That’s how I feel when I sit down to post my post after I’ve finished my morning routine and sit down with a cuppa coffee.

Flunked the test yesterday, got an 87  and needed a 90. I’ll be taking it again probably tomorrow or Friday. Stupid me. RTFQ! Read The F*****G Question! Plus I didn’t have my glasses and couldn’t read the freakin thing. Plus I didn’t study much….

And that’s it. It’s half cloudy here, supposed to rain this afternoon. I took the car yesterday, because I felt like it, now I guess I’m going to have to take it again because of the weather prediction..

The week is  dragging… It’s like – “it’s only Wednesday………..(sigh)”  Instead of – “I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! Ohmagawd! Whooptedy dooptidy!

Have a GREAT day!

5 thoughts on “Alll Right!

  1. Plus your heart wasn’t really in it unless you changed your mind from last post.

    But still – 87 – not a bad score at all!

    I’m not done thinking on to what you said earlier on my post, so I came over here for a visit instead. My initial response is of course to get all defensive and stuff, but that’s so rarely effective that I think I should just give it more thought.

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