All systems go

At work all systems are go. Everything major is working properly. Right now.
I didn’t go out with P last night. I was going to meet her then work called me in. I called her and cancelled. Then work called immediately back and said nevermind. I didn’t un-cancel. I took it as a sign. I feel too guilty with the Other Island Girl and the Fundgirl to add another element.
I kept hitting the snooze this morning and got up almost an hour late. I have a fuller than normal day scheduled, but it should be less full than my days have been with the equipment problems I have been having.
I woke up exhaustificated but the coffee is seeping its way into my bloodstream.
I’ll make it.
All things good.
rodger dodger
over and out.

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  1. Well you can’t really feel guilty if nothing’s happening with Other Island Girl and/or Fundgirl can you?I guess you can but I think you shouldn’t.Anyway, congrats on getting everything working as it should. The world is once again… ok.

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