All quiet here

It’s all quiet here, sunny and raining.
My rebreather is put together and undergoing a negative pressure check. I haven’t heard from any divers, but I’m ready if they call.
Until then, I’ll be studying.
Trigononomy, can’t even spell it.
Today is my girls last day at her old job. She’ll be here for good tomorrow. Its great! Sad it’s her last day, she has had a very good life there. Her life will be much more complicated here. But I’m very glad she’s coming!

0 thoughts on “All quiet here

  1. It’s a good thing she has you to ease her transition. Maybe you could get her more into diving, now that she’ll be on the same island.I desperately need to see some diving photos soon. An entire trip down there would be better, but I’ll settle for photos

  2. Wow, I must have been away for a while. That’s great/exciting/cool, I’m glad for you. I’m sure the transition will go well. I agree though, get her into diving… who doesn’t want to dive?

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