All Animals OUT!

This morning I got up, put the chickens out, (they kind of quit growing UP, and now you can daily see the feathers growing OUT), I bet soon they will begin visibly growing bigger again. (I’ll be glad to have them outside, they’re beginning to smell)

I walked the desperate dogs, who were begging desperately to go out. I took them out and they didn’t even want to step off the dry pavement, they didn’t have to pee or poop, I was conned. So I left them tied up outside. The cats had gotten into their food storage container, and had been having an all you can eat buffet all night. I fed them anyway, but they obviously weren’t hungry. So now the house is nice and quiet, I’m drinking my coffee, ready to go to work.


Dogs staring listlessly up the road at nothing.

The sky is blue right now, but I wonder if it’ll get rainy later…. Weather says yes. Scooter or car? Scooter or car?

5 thoughts on “All Animals OUT!

  1. Car,no rain, scooter bucketing it down. That is what would happen to us. Glad the chicks are doing well. LOL that cats with the all you can eat buffet. Sounds like the squirrels round here with the bird food. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

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