Albie: Missing Cat

One of our Seven cats is missing, Albie. She has been missing almost a week. I am afraid she has come to an ill fated end. She was my favorite of our Seven,  both the bravest and the shyest. She was the smallest and seemingly the weakest, but she was the only one of our Seven who would stand her ground against any of the other cats and the chickens who tried to steal her food. Yet she always demanded that you treat her like a lady.

She started off as Al Bina, because she was all white, (except her tail). Then became Al B (but Al  was too boyish) so she morphed into Albie.

If she comes back she will be an even greater treasure and if she doesn’t, she will be forever remembered and missed.

albie 006

Albie, photos by Sunshine

6 thoughts on “Albie: Missing Cat

  1. Perhaps she went off to have a litter somewhere? Sometimes one of our cats outside doesn’t even look like she is pregnant and weeks later there she is with kittens when she brings them around to show them off. I do hope Albie comes back, she is beautiful.

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