Again, my transmission started slipping, again I took it to the shop, again they told me I needed a new transmission. Again, I didn’t believe them. I took it to another shop for a second opinion and they found the filter practically clogged and fixed it for less than a 10th of what the first shop told me it would cost.

I now have a new auto repair place.

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  1. I hate dealing with stuff like that. I feel like they’re always trying to take advantage of me, even when they’re not, I guess. Glad you got it fixed cheaper!

  2. It is too a good song! It’s the ultimate in figuring out that you really are with your soul mate. So quit picking on me :0)! What’s your favorite??BTW…that was the best word verification I’ve ever seen!!! Isn’t there a website to submit the ‘best of’?awrupr – on this one. awr u pr(Are you pure?)There’s a little irony…

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