Again Vit Da Veird Veather

Yesterday was cloudless and clear. Today’s weather says “rain is expected to continue for the next several days”. It hasn’t been raining. The weather office is practically next door to my building and it hasn’t been raining there either. All we have is this:

and i don’t think it’s going to get us. So, should I take off work and do yardwork before it starts allegedly raining? Or trust that the weather peeps are nutzo and that it will continue to not rain as long as they say it’s still raining?

Also, I still must assume I am still in control. If the weather says rain, and I take precautions, it will not rain. If I rode my scooter to work instead of driving the van, it would rain. Today I’m driving instead of riding, and I hope for a nice sunny snorkel at lunchtime. If it rains, good, the plants need it. I haven’t been watering because of all the promised rain. (If I did water the plants, as you know, it would almost immediately start raining.)

Have a wonderful day. If you want it wet, may it be wet, if you want it dry, may it be dry.

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