Again No Internet

Our home internet is down since yesterday. Again. Again there are promises of a repair in hours, which probably will end up taking weeks.
I’m typing this on my word processor program so I can copy, paste, and publish when I get to a place with internet.
Funny how much we depend on the internet. My calorie counter program won’t work, can’t connect to its food database, and my activity tracker program can’t connect to my phone, which seems odd, because the WiFi is working, just without internet.. (How do you spell wifi? Wifi? WIFI?) Mobile devices seem useless and boring without internet.
I went to Cayman Brac yesterday for work. It was quite a long day, so it seemed. But it was good to be back on the Brac. below are some non-work related pics that I had the chance to take.

Travlin’ Tim at the Cayman Brac Airport
Brac Reef Resort from the air. (Where my wife worked when I met her)
Caribbean Country
My plane to the Brac, “The Saab”.

Havva happy hump day!

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