Act Normal

Today I have an appointment to get some rust fixed on my car. I’m kind of having reservations because of the expense, but it’s going to be less than 200 dollars. I guess I should get it done.
Because . . .
I found out the other day that my inspection expired in JANUARY! that’s 7 months ago!
When I first noticed, I thought I must have scraped off the wrong sticker after after having it inspected, but no. the paperwork says it’s way overdue!

I’ve been driving around for seven months in ignorant bliss, and I haven’t been stopped, but you can bet your bottom dollar that now that I’m driving around with a guilty conscience, I’ll get busted for sure!
So I might as well get my brakes fixed too, and that WILL be expensive!
Plus I got that dirt theifin’ thing to worry about . . .
I hope my next couple years of posting aren’t coming at you from JAIL!
Yesterday my life was SWEEEEEET! Today I’m a cop-dodging fugitive!
I’m just going to try and act normal. If you see me around, you try to act normal too, OK?

Oh yeah, check out this: Kelli got a blog.

0 thoughts on “Act Normal

  1. I’ve forgotten about my inspection before too. Yea, certainly there’s an APB out for you arrest as we speak. I knew there was something about you I liked! P.S. Did you get my email? And, no I’m not stalking you!

  2. Argh!I always forget that junk. What makes it worse is that it’s supposed to be on your birthday here in GA… What a drag to have to remember junk like that on your birthday…Hey Mark!

  3. Man…what a disappointment when there was no link. Sorry to let you down like that!!! You should show me how to link things so that I can in the future. Also, You have that column of blogs you always read. How do I modify that. My other blog is a “space” and they are much different.HELP!!!Oh, and the car tags…I think only anal retentive people remember those. Because I forget mine all the time…livin’ on the edge!

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