Accomplishment Weekend

Friday  after work  I stopped by and picked up t he chest type freezer for the new closet. I un packaged it and  put it away before tthe Wife got home, I wanted it to be a surprise, but little bits of styrofoam on the floor gave it away.She looked in the closet and saw the freezer. She was pretty happy.

Saturday we went shopping for frozen foods for the freezer. And I also patched some cracks in the driveway.  I can’t remember what else we did that day.

Sunday morning I mowed the yard, and blew up the lawnmower. I hit a root and engine oil came flooding across the mower deck. Cracked engine block. Right before that, I hit a rock that sounded much worse, pretty sure that is what did the damage, the root just finished her off. In the afternoon, we took Sheba to the beach.

The weekend was still and sunny, this Monday morning it is windy and supposed to rain again.  I hope It rains decently, not just sporatic rain or drizzle that ruins ones beach lunch.

Iguess that’ll do it for today, Have a great week!!!

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