Aaaand Itsanuther Mundee!

It’s Monday again, and since I posted all my underwater pictures and weekend report yesterday, I have nothing for today.

Yesterday, I cleaned my workshop area a little, just the workbench and the junk on the floor, and stowed my generator for the non-hurricane season which starts in a couple weeks. I went to an evening barbecue yesterday, in the evening. Good chicken and ribs and potatoe salad.

Below is a picture of Lee Lee thee cat sleeping in a potted plant. It’s unusual because the wind was blowing quite strongly but I guess the shelter and comfort was sufficient.

Lee Lee napping in a gale

This morning is still quite cloudy and quite windy but but the weather should improve soon. Hopefully I can swim my half mile at lunch, rain or shine.

Have a good day and a better week!

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