A Person Is Smart, People Are Stupid

All the crap on social media today is the equavalent of propoganda in the past. News agencies think they can print anything they want and say it is freedom of the press.

In one of the “Men In Black” movies, Agent K said “A person is smart, people are stupid”, and it is kind of true.

It has been my my opinion for a long time that people want to vote for who they will think will win, rather than thinking abut who they think will be the best for the job. That’s why it has been almost automatic that every recent US President has served 8 years instead of 4.

Also, it occurs to me, that many in the US have never voted for anyone who didn’t win. I think people are sore about this, a lot of people, and they’re all unified on social media.

I left the US almost 20 years ago and didn’t vote in the election, but in every presidential election I did vote in, I never voted FOR anyone, there was always this one SOB running who the voters had to make sure DIDN’T get elected. This election, it was Hillary Clinton.

I never considered myself a Democrat or Republican, but all the crap going on these days has really soured my view of Democrats.

Quit your whining and support your President, Americans!

1 thought on “A Person Is Smart, People Are Stupid

  1. I am a registered Republican and not afraid to tell anyone that. I also voted for Donald Trump and am not afraid to tell anyone that as well. From the first debate my husband and I knew who we would vote for. I only became a registered voter back in 2012 so I could vote against B.O. Didn’t mean a thing but at least I can say I tried to stop him from winning.

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