A New Team, Stay, Or None

I was born in Washington DC. I’ve been a Redskins fan through everything, winning, losing, good times and bad. I even liked the in-your-face name WFT. But I can’t handle the name, Commanders.

Several years ago, the NFL and the Game Pass app screwed me over. I paid and couldn’t get the games. Zero service from the NFL, zero response to get it working.Thank gawd for American Express. I would have never gotten my money back if it weren’t for them.

I haven’t been watching games for several years now, just checking the score of my team. But, I just can’t stand to look and see that C word.

My choices are to get a new team, or quit caring about the whole thing.

Is the franchise ruined? What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “A New Team, Stay, Or None

  1. Honestly though if the most important thing to you is whether or not you like their name… I’d have to guess you really don’t care about it. I enjoy watching the game even if they were named after distant galaxies or four digit numbers…. hey maybe that’d be the way to go? “1701 vs. 2761 should be exciting!!” LOL

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