A New Hobby?

These past few weeks, I seem to be getting stuck behind cars that seem to be going incredibly slow. I’m behind them, foot off the gas, tapping the brakes every hundred meters or so to keep from gaining on them. Yesterday there was a truck, first in line at a very busy intersection light, and when the light turned green, he crawled off at a snails pace.. Me and many other cars behind him. This has happened with several vehicles over the past few weeks . Sometimes you get behind a normal-speed-moving car, and they slow down, no brake lights, they just take their foot off the gas and coast down to idle. Apparently, just to be difficult.

They also tend to speed up as soon as room is available for passing.. I know I have a twisted, negative mind, but I can’t imagine them doing it for any other reason than to be annoying.

Seems it’s “a thing” these days…

happy hump day! Hava good one!

3 thoughts on “A New Hobby?

    • This morning, immediately after I posted this, I was driving to work, and someone pulled out in front of me. The had plenty of room, but they didn’t accelerate up to the speed limit. I couldn’t help but get right on their ass and lay on the horn. They pulled over and I went around.

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