A Mite Chilly

It was a mite chilly last night. I turned off the AC and opened the door, then there was a howling breeze coming through which was a mite chilly, so I got up and closed the door, because I was a mite chilly. The wind is from the north and when I went for my walk/swim this morning, it was a mite chilly. The sea was quite rough, from the north breeze, so I swam in the pool, which was also a mite chilly. Then it was durn freezing walking home all wet.

Seems like every morning lately I wake up at 3. Don’t know why, is there a noise every morning at three? Does the cat mess with me at 3? I don’t think so, but I don’t know. Last night I stayed up till almost 11, so it’s not me going to bed too early. Maybe I need to take an extra melatonin before bed….
Have a good day!

3 thoughts on “A Mite Chilly

  1. when I had built a tolerance up for melatonin I would wake up in middle of the night..no matter what time I went down..so I would quit taking them for a month and everything would go back to normal..

  2. I didn’t think it got chilly where you lived! I never go to bed before 11 pm! You probably get disturbed by something at 3 am ! Bugger that! I would get even crabbier if I got woken up at 3am every night.

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