A Man Called Ove

I finished the book “A Man Called Ove” yesterday. It was Fantastically Supergood! It’s about a grumpy old man, his wife has died and he got laid off work. He keeps trying to commit suicide and getting interrupted by his new neighbors, a young family of four (and a half). And a cat adopts him.

i read half this book in one day, mostly on the beach, laughing out loud in public like a psycho. Also getting teary eyed quite a few times.

This book was super good. One of my all time favorites (I’ve said that two books in a row now). This book is so good, they’ve made it into a movie.

I am very much looking forward to this movie! I recommend the book, probably the movie too, I’ll let you know.

Happy First Friday of 2023! Have a great weekend, unless you have made other plans! 🙂

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