a blob of a blog?????

If you post on your blog, and nobody comments, does the post still exist?

A few days ago, my Wife posted a post that got me thinking about comments.
I ask myself, “Why do I want comments?” “What makes this blog so great that it deserves comments?” “What is this blog about anyway?” It doesn’t have any theme or any form, its a blob of a blog.

I know this is a piece of crap blog, it isn’t funny, it isn’t informative, it’s just a daily dose of some random crud.

Over the years, people have said to me, more than once, “I don’t write my blog to get comments.” Well, that’s true. I don’t. But if there were no comments, what would be the difference between me posting this here or writing it in a notebook and hiding it under the mattress? I think therein lies the answer.

Plus, everyone who has said that they don’t care about comments seems to have more than 10 comments on every post they post….

A lot of comments wouldn’t make any difference in my life, or on my ability to post, or the contents of my posts. I still crave comments and wonder why… And I wonder why some blogs that seem similar to mine get many times more comments than mine.

I’ve read all the articles, and all the “Tips to increase Blog Traffic” but none of seems to apply to me. I don’t want to increase sales or generate revenue, I just want to know somebody read this and what they think about it.

12 thoughts on “a blob of a blog?????

  1. Hey there…I feel you on the comments. As bloggers, we write this stuff for other people, not for ourselves so you want to know that those other people actually care! Otherwise, you could just write in a diary, right? Not sure how long you've been at this, but keep at it. I've seen my readership increase quite a bit since I started blogging last fall and now I'm working on getting the subscriptions and comments up. I think it just takes time, so I'm trying to be patient. Also I noticed that the layout of your blog is not particularly "comment friendly" so you might want to consider picking a theme that makes the commenting option more obvious.Take care and good luck! 🙂

  2. I totally agree, in life a relationship has to start with two as one is not enough to interact (well unless you hear voices in your head and then you interact with those!). So yes, blogging needs interaction from writer and readers, otherwise what's the point to have something public without any "public"?I wish I was more clever when I write and I wish I had a magic formula to know what would make people comment, but I don't!I will continue reading you for as long as you write, because you were the inspiration to start my own blog and because I love you!!!

  3. Well I read you AND your wife's blog everyday…I just don't have a moment to always comment…or I just don't have a relevant comment! Keep up with your site meter. It is even better than comments! 🙂

  4. Like Jess above, I read both yours and your wife's blogs and enjoy both. I'm not a blogger, more likely a lurker. I read to see how other folks live and, in your cases, I also enjoy reading about your tropical locale. Was there once last year on a cruise and can occasionally connect what you write with what I saw.

  5. for my site, it really DID start out as just a site for me. i would go months of posts where no one would really utter a peep. then one day i got a post from someone in england who said he just found my site and asked if it was alright if he could link to it. after that, i had a regular flock of 4 or 5 people who commented. Then over time, it kinda took off. the thing im trying to get at is, ive had my blog for almost 6 years now. Thats alot of crap to spew into the internet. people eventually take notice.

  6. I've been blogging for nearly 5 years and it still amazes me why people read it!But comments are nice… and I like them.. it makes me feel like there are people 'out there' who care about me. It's true! They seem to care. Which is really lovely.I kept a diary for over 20 years… then switched to blogging cos I love the interaction you get, the feedback about stuff, and it's neat to be able to put photos on too.It's like a live, on line diary.

  7. Hey Mark, thanks for commenting on my blog!I agree with Slyde and Chris H.: it takes time to build an audience for essentially what is an online diary. You've got to do it for yourself first. For me, it's all about regimen and curiosity.

  8. I actually started my blog by accident, while trying to comment on another blog. When I started my blog, no one I knew in real life had a blog was and apart from the comments, I never felt anyone was reading. Now random people like my parents' friends tell me they keep up with me that way. It's more feedback than it used to be. Still, it IS really nice to have the interaction the comments offer. Slyde had posted something about how he hated it when it seemed like people commented on his blog only if he commented on theirs. Or something like that. But I think…that's just sort of how it is. If someone comments on my blog, I feel like I should comment on theirs too. It just seems polite. But also, it reminds me that I haven't looked at their blog in awhile. Aside from that, I haven't really done too much of the blog traffic stuff. It just seems too much like work, and this is supposed to be a fun & relaxing hobby for me. But, y'know, it's more fun if there are comments. 🙂

  9. Some people write not for the sake of comments. But that does not mean that they're shutting out the possibilities of receiving comments at all. It just means that the priority in posting came mostly from their wanting to write about something rather than to have comments. Also, just because a page does not have comments, doesn't mean that nobody reads it. Some readers, like myself sometimes, just do not leave comments.The difference between a notebook and a blog is the possibilities of an audience. It's definitely larger for the latter.OlgaMy Blog – Remoção de Tatuagem a Laser

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