Thursday Thoughts?

I can’t think of a title for my post today.

Here we are, suddenly, the week is almost over.

My sister arrives Saturday, as well as a friend I’ve never met from the cigar forum. I quit smoking cigars more than a month ago, I could probably search this blog to find the exact date, but I think I will probably smoke when this guy arrives. I quit because the Wife asked me to, but she says she doesn’t mind me smoking as long as I don’t smoke every day.

We got this new dog food, Be Happy. The dogs really like it.

NESTLE PURINA PETCARE COMPANY BE HAPPYIt’s probably no good for you, but the dawgs woof it down.

Yesterday there was a rainbow around the sun. It was cool.

May 08, 2013 000I think it’s supposed to mean something. …

11 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts?

  1. Are you sure that’s the sun, and not some sort of UFO landing nearby? Answer one question: Did you look at the clock, then look at it five minutes later, and not remember a thing about the previous five minutes?

    Also, a man could go crazy looking for the pot of gold at the end of that infinite rainbow.

  2. Sundogs. That ring around the sun. It’s a sundog. When ice crystals in the cirrus clouds line up in a way to cause a rainbow around the sun when the light shines through the crystals. You probably already knew that : )

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