Monday, Mean Monday

Monday again. Ya know, I’ve noticed that it’s only the first five days after the weekend that are the hardest. Yever notice that?

Fridays birthday party was canceled

Saturday I went to the beach

Sunday, I intended to go diving or go to the beach but I was doing tasks around the house and before I knew it it was too late to go. After having my lawnmower stolen I etched my name in my kayaks and my wheelbarrow. And I fixed my kayak stand.

20130310_154730 20130310_154738Also, I possibly smoked my last cigar. I was planning on quitting after  I finished my collection, and I smoked the one I was saving for last. A  2009 torpedo that I had saved from a cigar dinner. Unavailable anywhere. It was alright, there were others in my collection that were better. I don’t really want to quit, I like cigars, but the wife wants me to, so there ya have it.

Udinese did good this week, holding their own against Roma. 1-1

I need a new lawnmower, and new pool filter pump and a new de-humidifier for my downstairs store room, so even though I’ve been trying to not spend any money this month to get ahead, I can see I’ll be trying to not spend any for the next two months at least.

I dread this week, I expect a lot of Bull Shit.

And finally, here’s a picture of Ditto the Monster Man, safe in his bed. 20130309_213815

9 thoughts on “Monday, Mean Monday

  1. Your Ditto looks like a great guy. We have two Labs. 🙂 While at sea we are anchored off Grand Cayman every two weeks aboard Freedom of the Seas. We’ll be returning to sea in a couple of weeks. Friends from TX come on board for a cruise and take us to lunch at Casanova’s each time we are there for ten weeks. Usually, My Honey is too busy on board to go ashore. You live in a lovely part of the world.

  2. Aw, how come the birthday party was cancelled? That sucks that you had your property stolen, sorry to hear that. That’s a sweet pic of the pooch there. Hope Tuesday brings you a lighter heart!

  3. Sorry to read that the birthday party wasn’t to be and you missed the beach on Sunday. Wow giving up cigars, good luck. Now that is one sweet pup looking very contented. Have a marvelous Monday and fingers crossed or should we say paws for a good week.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Ditto. And truly, giving up a habit one likes it’s a very hard thing. But, how nice you’ll work on giving up cigars for your wife. She wants to keep you for a very long time.

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