Like A Monday, But Better!

It was a pretty nice weekend. Yesterday was a holiday here. Friday night we went to Boogie Nights, disco70’s and 80’s music disco style at a restaurant. I tell ya boys, there were easily 10 girls for every guy.. That never happened when I was single. Got home around 1AM, I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I stayed out that late.

Saturday I went and got all two of our cars re-registered. When I got to the Motor Vehicle place, the line was out the door, but it moved quickly and only took about a half an hour. I filled out a critique sheet and gave them 10’s. AND I mowed the yard. the FRONT yard only. The back just didn’t need it… bad enough. I can’t remember much about Saturday.

Sunday we went to the beach and went snorkelingCamera 14MP-9PCThen we made steaks on the grill.

Yesterday was Heroes Day, kind of like Veterans Day in the USA. The Wife went to an All Girls birthday party and I stayed home. All day I was so frikkin tired, I have no idea why. I took two naps and went to bed early. And I made hamburgers on the grill.

Now it’s like a Monday, but it’s not, it’s TUESDAY!

4 thoughts on “Like A Monday, But Better!

  1. I don’t know about disco music but, steaks on the grill sounds good. I always make my husband re-register the car. About that sea grape tree, I looked at my photo again and realized it was the wrong. I changed it to the right one. You have a sweet and gentle way of telling someone they are wrong lol. I’m glad you let me know so more people aren’t ending up confused.

  2. how did we do it? I stayed up reading a book the other night till 3am..woke up regular time at 8am and was in a fog the entire day..I can remember getting 2 hours sleep going to work still drunk and having a great day..not now..It’s official..I’m an old fart.

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