(No Title Monday)

It was a good, pretty busy weekend. Friday night we went to a Veterans Ball at the Marriott. Uniforms were the dress. I tried on my Navy uniform and it still fit, so we zapped it over to the cleaners and I wore my Navy White Crackerjacks. Still fits, but the pants were a little tight at the waist.

Saturday I spread some dirt in strategic spots of the yard, namely under some plants, I re-potted a cactus and have lots of babies and put the biggest one in the traffic circle in front of our house.

Sunday I mowed the yard and drilled the new carport to put the one of the parking blocks in so we don’t drive the cars over the edge. I hit steel and destroyed my drill bit so I have to pick up a new one today. Then I watched the Redskins get beat and Dallas win. They were both good games though. And I did my ironing.

Now it’s Monday and I don’t even have coffee yet. BRB. Now I have coffee.

Still having problems with the new blogsite. I want to get that goin’ this week fer sure. That’ll do for now, have a good day and a good week!

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