3 Gig Limit and a new driveway

I just noticed this as I was getting ready to upload an image. I have a 3 gig limit on my blog size. I am using 14%. I guess that’s not bad after over 7 years of blogging. So lets say 15 years is 30%, then I should be running out of space in about 50 years. Oh dammit! One more thing to worry about.

I need to extend our driveway by 26 and a half feet. It’s 11 feet wide and 10 inches thick. I’m going to do the wood and the rebar myself and then call a concrete truck. I have some questions:

How close to the edge of the concrete does the rebar have to be?

What about grass and weeds on the dirt where I pour the concrete?I assume the concrete will kill any vegetation, but will it be detrimental to the concrete?

Someone said 10 inches thick is a lot of concrete, and I could fill it in a few inches so I’m only pouring about 4 inches instead or 10. If I do that, what will happen when I take the wood away? Will my fill be able to come out from under the concrete?

More questions and pictures to follow.

Today is a holiday here. There is an election. I can’t wait till I can vote.

4 thoughts on “3 Gig Limit and a new driveway

  1. Aren’t you going through a lot of trouble just for your car? Just throw some gravel down and call it a day : ) About that tea…….

  2. OMG!!! you only need 4!! The wire rebar fits to the boards that are outlining the driveway, then pour the concrete. It would cost you a bloody fortune to pour 10 inches thick…were you joshing us?? Hope so….debbie

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