Good News & Bad News

She’s gonna blow!

The bad news is that Betelgeuse is going to blow up. Possibly in our lifetime. This would be cool to see, but bad for Orion, the constellation.

The good news is that Betelgeuse is not going to explode anytime soon.

she’s not gonna blow.

Yeay for Orion!

Betelgeuse not Beetlejuice. Say it out loud.

Twas a good weekend. We have a quarantiner staying in the apartment. Saturday the wife and I did some shopping and final touches getting the place ready. Our quaranteeny arrived late Saturday afternoon. After 24 hours, he says the apartment is marvelous.

Later this month, quarantine here in Cayman is going down from 14 days to 10 days. I’ll be glad when it goes down to zero (if you’re immunized).

Sunday, wifey went to a “Plant Swap” and I went diving and also got some sun.

Maybe there’ll be some underwater videos here tomorrow.

And I get my monthly co-void test this morning. Another Q-Tip up the nose…

Have a good week!

Et tu, Amazon?

After Facebook, now Amazon is going to go to crap and Alienate their supporters? Apparently.

Amazon deletes books paid for by customers on their devices because Amazon gets mad at the publishers.
Amazon Asses!

It’s too much hassle to have to work around these companies that make life difficult under the guise of making more money. Best to abandon them and then they get ZERO dollars. Once you learn how to get your books for free, there’s no going back.

Hankerin’ Fer An Underwater Video Light.

Lately I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have an underwater video light. Give me some impressive colors in my UW videos. They’re expensive. It’s easy to go in the dive shop and pick one they have in stock, only to find out later I overpaid or realize it’s a POS.

So it’s just a thought at this stage, but you know how I obsess over such things…

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Bird Wants A Job?

The other day I got these shots of a bananaquit looking in my work door window. Probably admiring his reflection, or else maybe he (or she) wants a job.

It’s STILL cloudy and super windy here, it’s been almost a week. Hopefully, the extended forecast looks good for the weekend.

Have a great day!

Lost And Found Toby

My friend lost his dog last Saturday.

He looked all over, then put an ad in the paper, above.

Here’s a picture the wife took a few weeks ago of happy, smiling Toby.

Turns out, Saturday ol’ Mikey went into an office he normally doesn’t enter on weekends, and Toby followed him in there and took a nap.

Toby was found Monday morning, A-Ok. He didn’t even poo or pee inside. Remember to always leave your toilet seat up.

Above is Lost N Found Toby with me, taken yesterday.

What a good boy! All’s well that ends well, right?

Windy, cloudy, sprinkley, that’s how you describe today’s weather. Have a good day!

Cold, Windy, Morning Walk

Above are pictures from this mornings dawg walk. Somebody has a mirror on a light pole. It’s been very cloudy, cold and windy since Sunday afternoon.

It’s so cold that yesterday, during lunchtime, I took a nap in my van and it wasn’t even hot. I slept good for 55 minutes. Perfect timing. Looking at the wind chart above, maybe today will be a good day for a lunchtime swim!

Have a good day, don’t get blown away! (That rhymes).

Weekend In Review

Itsanutter Mundee. Saturday I replaced my $2000 sliding glass door shutters with $60 vertical blinds. It’s much much better. The wood shutters inhibited the use of the sliding glass door, and were generally non-functional. And, in other news, we have two quarantiners lined up to spend their quarrantine in our superior accomodations.

Sunday I went diving with a group of 8. It was a very nice dive. Turtle, Stingray, Nurse Shark and what I call Longfish. Usually all the sea life runs away from me, yesterday, it seemed to pose for the camera. All the videos below are very short.

Above is what I call longfish. They usually run from the camera.

The turtle was quite big in this video. Swam right by me.

The video above and below should have been edited into one video, but I haven’t done it (yet). It was a little baby nurse shark, two or three feet long. The girl in the video works in the shark department in the DOE and asked me to send her the videos, which I did, another reason they aren’t edited.

Below is a Four Eye fish. Again, these usually run like hell when I arrive with the camera, yesterday was a rare day.

And after the dive it got cloudy, and the weather has been getting worse. Right now it’s blowing hard and sputtering rain. I don’t know what’s going on.

Have a great week!

Delayed Post

I’m late posting this morning. I was reading a really good article about the Mars Perseverance Rover with a very good collection of pictures. See it HERE. Worth the look.

I’m glad it’s Friday.

Now I’m going to go back and look at the Mars pics and maybe actually read the article.

Havva Goot Veekend!