Another Empty Post

It’s a Wednesday. I woke up a little early, but now I’m very tired again for some reason.

There’s a good enough chance of rain that I’ll be taking the van instead of the scooter today. I got rained on yesterday coming home.

This is anotherempty post, so I’ll stop now.

Have a good day.

FB Ruining WhatsApp Next

you know they’re gonna screw it up.

Above is a screengrab of headline today. For those who don’t know, Facebook bought WhatsApp a while ago.

When you have a good thing, just leave it alone. I’m starting to think that Facebook Inc is like an evil entity that has destroyed everything it had and is now buying other beautiful things to destroy.

Facebook was great till Facebook destroyed itself. Now they’re going to destroy WhatsApp the same way. Keep messing with it and messing with it until its ruined. Like forcing a beautiful girl to get plastic surgeries until she’s hideous.

I really didn’t want to post a negative post this morning but dang! Facebook Inc, quit being so stupid! I’ll be leaving WhatsApp next, probably Instagram after that.

Soon if not already, Facebook will be synonymous with P.O.S.

Bet You Can’t

Spot the difference.

One of the pictures below is a famous work of art and one isn’t.

It’s the bottom one! The bottom one is a world famous, priceless picture of our two dogs holding hands whilst sleeping, taken by my wife. The top is some old painting by some guy called Michelangelo, entitled “The Creation Of Adam”, or something like that. I doubt anybody ever heard of it.

It was a good weekend with beach and diving. Also,unfortunately, a funeral. Now it’s back to work!

Have a happy Monday and a good week!

Have a happy Monday and a good week!

Piranesi – a book

Finished this book, Piranesi, yesterday. I gave it 4 stars. Definitely worth reading.

It’s about this guy who lives in a “house” (more like massively huge abandoned shopping mall/museum) that is full of rooms and stairs and vestibules and statues and weather and astronomy and oceans with tides coursing through the lower halls. There are statues in almost every room. His name, he was told, is Piranesi.

Piranesi thinks there are 16 people in the world. 13 sets of human remains he has found, himself, a twice weekly visitor called “The Other, and “16”. “The Other” says 16 is an enemy and she must be avoided. Even talking to her would drive Piranesi insane.

I wish you’d read it and we can discuss it. The forum for this book is pretty bland. “Oh, it’s about covid lockdown and isolation and the labyrinth of life.” Bullshit. Its science fiction. Or just fiction, because the science missing. Hence only 4 stars.

I want to know how The House got there and where it is. And what causes Piranesi to forget who he was.

It’s a very good book. Unique and I couldn’t put it down. So read it please, and me back to me on this.

Have a good weekend!

Happy Anniversary To ME!

Before dawn on February 4th, 1997 I left my beloved house in Chesapeake Virginia USA and flew here to the Cayman Islands. Been here ever since. I felt terrible waiting for my ride to Norfolk International Airport. (“Oh what am I doing?”) In fact I puked in my bushes at my house and cried on the plane as it climbed into the sky. but the closer I got to Cayman, the better I felt. I landed here in Cayman about 20 minutes past noon 24 years ago today, very excited and feeling great.

And I’ve loved it ever since. I’m thankful every day to be here.

Unlisted Covid Vaccine Side Effects.

I got my second and final dose of the Pfizer covid vaccine yesterday. afterwards, for the rest of the day, I could smell Burger King French Fries. This obviously is a side effect of the vaccine. Other side effects include the ability to distinguish the aroma of Burger King French fries from that of other fast food chain french fries. Just my luck. I was hoping for superpowers and all I got was the ability to distinguish french fry aromas. I’m just glad my head didn’t explode instantly. I heard it’s not as rare as you might think. You probably haven’t heard of it because the people who experience this side effect never complain.

On a serious note, I had no side effects, either shot.

I deleted my Facebook account yesterday without a hitch. They keep it for 30 days in case I change my mind. I won’t. If I could interact with a human at facebook or if they responded to my reports, I might consider it but Facebook sucks and is getting worse. You get to “request” a download of all your data, I guess it takes.them a while to decide. They’re supposed to email when they make up their mind. I haven’t heard anything yet. Nor do I expect to. Assholes.

It’s sill cold and windy here. I went to the beach yesterday lunchtime but it was too wavy to swim the half mile. So I went and bought dog food. Today is colder and windier than yesterday.

Have a wonderful day!

Today Is The Day!

Today is the day I delete my Facebook account! Reminds me of a day in the mid ’90s when I ended my cable TV service. Thought I was going to miss it but I didn’t at all. I can spend more time on this website and on yours!

Also today, I get the second covid vaccine shot. I had no side effects from the first one, hope it’s the same for the second.

Here, it’s super windy. The wind is making a noise like VRRRRRRR super loud out side. With a varying pitch. And it’s cold. Lower 70s. I wore my hoody hood up on my walk this morning.

Have a great day!

Goodbye Facebook

The line was drawn for me Saturday morning, an apparent prostitute mentioned me in a comment. A few weeks ago, another pornographer tagged me in a post. I went to report the posts as spam and porn but Facebook doesn’t allow that. I had to select from drop down menus, none of which applied to any situation anyone would find themselves in.

I don’t know this person, and Facebook privacy should (used to) prevent people not in my contacts list from contacting me. Additionally, if I posted porn, or spam on Facebook, I would get my account disabled either temporarily or permanently.

So if I go on vacation, and post a picture, anybody knows I’m not home and can go break into my house. The assumption is that only people I allow to see my posts can see them. Obviously that policy went by the wayside at some point in the past.

So I decided I was leaving. And I am. I posted that I was leaving in 72 hours, if anyone wanted my email or number, message me. The 72 hours ends Tuesday at 10 am. And then, Facebook began hiding my messages! People tell me they sent me a message and it’s not there. Facebook did this before, trying to make everyone install their spyware app. Which I never did.

Plus, Facebook has been going downhill fast. I log on, and the first post on my “timeline” is from 15 hours ago. Refresh the page and it’s completely different. I’m not seeing what my friends are posting so I can assume they’re not seeing what I post. I scroll down and see the same possts repeated, I see primarily posts from one person and nothing from the majority of my closer friends.

Another somewhat new feature, I call the “Nuttin’ Button”. This, circled in green below, is a button that takes you to mindless drivel from people you never heard of. A total waste time and resources. And some algorithm even gives you notifications about the nuttin’ that’s there.

There’s too much to complain about now and Facebook just keeps getting worse. The politics, the fake news, the censorship. It goes on and on.

So bye bye Facebook! I will not be back!