Do The Stuff

This is how I feel this morning. Yesterday was like; “Wow! It’s Wednesday already!” Today is like; “It’s not Friday yet? This week is dragging on forever.”

My coffee is perfect this morning.

I suppose I should raise some hell with Adobe, referring to yesterday’s post. There’s a program called “Cool Edit Pro”, by Syntrillium. Syntrillium sold Cool Edit to Adobe, who changed the name to Audition. It’s basically the same. I have Cool Edit working, no problem, so I have everything I need, but it’s the principal.

I also need to get off my butt and get Jetpack working again, seems like nobody can find my blog without it. I need to figure out the mechanics of that..

Yesterday, at my beach lunch, people were moving their boats because of some weather ccoming in. This morning is windy from the north, cool and nice. And big waves, I can hear them from here, and I saw them this morning on the walk. I wish I knew where the fishermen and divmasters get their weather info, because they’re always ahead of the weathermen.

I’m tired this morning, I went to bed early, and woke up early. I just need more coffee!

Have a great day!

Adobe Audition Ripoff

I guess I’ve been ripped off by Adobe Inc. I purchesed Adobe Audition 3 (an audio recording and editing program) many years ago, I have the disc and registration but when I install it, it wants to do some online verification which fails. There’s phone verification, which has a recording saying that phone validation is no longer supported. I can see my putchase when I log in at Adobe’s website but, making a long story short, I haven’t been able to get it to work.

A while ago, I was whining about several years of lost photos, when I quit backing them up to DVD. So I got a DVD burner, and hooked it up to my ancient Windows XP machine, which couldn’t see the DVD burner. So, I upgraded (free) to Windows 7. After that, I was eligible to upgrade (free) to Windows 10. So I did. Just for shits and giggles, I decided to try to install Adobe 3.

Making a long story short again, I wasted about two days on a machine that I barely even use anymore. All I use this laptop for is external hard drives, which an Android tablet can’t drive.

But I’m mildly disappointed in Adobe. Audition 3 costed about $300, if I recall correctly. Oh well.

It’s Wednesday! I can smell the weekend just around the corner!

Have a good day!

Stan Lee, & California Fires

Stan Lee, of Marvel comics, died this weekend. My wife and friends and I always looked for his appearances in all the Avenger movies.

Apparently, there’s two sets of fires in California. My first cousin and family lives in LA, and they had  to briefly leave their home. They’re keeping their boxes packed, in case they have to leave again. That fire is called the Woolsey Fire. There is also “The Camp Fire” which is in Northern California. 

It was good, long weekend. I went to the beach and watched NFL Football.  Now it’s back to work for a short week.

Have a good week, stay safe!

Must’ve Forgotten Something..

It’s 6:07 AM, I’m ready to go to work already. Usually I’m not ready till after 6:30 or so, at the earliest.

Got up, shaved, walked, showered,dressed, coffeed, it’s all there.Maybe I went through s time warp.

Yesterday at lunch, I swam out to the island again. It was very nice out there. I used to go camping out there, with my dog, Ditto. I was thinking about him a lot while I was there.

Here’s a selfie as I was ready to swim back.

Small Island Selfie
The Island, SW of Grand Cayman

The float you see behind me is a boogie board modified to be a freedivers float. I added handles all the way around, a diveflag holder, and I added an anchorpoint on the bottom, so one could tie it up so it won’t float away. Also there’s a way to secure things to the top, like my camera and waterproof bag. (Inside the waterproof bag is my towel and hat, and a waterproof box that has my car keys, phone, a cigar, and lighter.) I’ve had that float for at least 15 years, and the dive flag, I bought in Florida nearly 30 years ago, when I drove down to the Florida Keys by myself with my new kayak on the roof of my van. That was a great adventure!

This has kind of turned into a Flashback Friday post! Have a great weekend!

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie

Last night we saw Bohemian Rhapsody, it was quite good. It wasn’t as good as all the hype, but I don’t know how the movie could have been better.

Nothing can capture the sensation of listening to Queen’s album Bohemian Rhapsody, loud, with the Bose noise cancelling headphones. Especially the vinyl record.

One thing I didn’t rally care for in the movie was the homosexuality.  I knew it was there, so I guess I didn’t really need to see it. But I still wouldn’t have changed anything about the movie. Of course, they could’ve always added more music, but the movie was already quite long… 

It was good, no room for improvement. Definitely see it on the big screen if you can and you like Queen. The band, Queen, was even better than the movie portrayed is all I can say.

Tomorrow is Friday, Monday is a holiday, our first holiday since June or July. Holiday drought is over!

Coffee is perfect this morning.

Have a great day!

Fossil or Not?

I was out checking a spot for a possible Geocache and found this. Is it a fossil? I think the rock is the limestone we call Ironshore, but it might be a giant piece of concrete. I don’t think it’s concrete though. I’ve found petrified coral in ironshore lots of times, but I don’t recognize this as any coral I’ve seen. What do you think? Any geologists out there?

I finished “The Stand” by Stephen King last night, great read! Now comes the unimagineable stress of finding a new book to read next.

Then VS Now

The left side of my neck and left shoulder is sore as heck. I don’t know what I did to it. I noticed it yesterday.

It rained in town yesterday, but I wasn’t on the scooter, won’t be on it today either, I rekkon. Old timers here say “it can rain in George Town, but not in West Bay, but when it rains in West Bay, it’s raining all over the world!”

Have a great Wednesday!

My Own BatDad

You’ve heard of BatDad, right? If you haven’t, you should check him out. He takes videos in selfie mode with half his face in the frame as he gives his family vital instructions on life. They don’t always seem to take him too seriously when he’s wearing his Batman mask though..

Well, I have my own version of BatDad, Ashy Thee Batcat!

Ashy Thee Batcat!

I took this picture the other day and she reminded me of the BatDad videos. At the time, she was giving me vital instructions to let her outside.

Yesterday, I rode the scooter, it rained hard. That wasn’t in my brochure. I didn’t check the weather, but it looked good when I left. Today, I’ll try to be more prepared.

Last night I had a dream that I was at a barbecue on a farm, it was dark, very dark. There was a black dog that was invisible in the dark. He was very dangerous, I can’t remember if he killed anyone, but I was worried. I wanna say he was a wolf, but he was a black dog. Also there were the biggest ribs cooking that I ever saw, about 3 feet long and four inch wide bones. And at one point, a cow with very short legs came walking into the circle of light from the fire. I woke up, wondering if I had ever been killed in a dream, I was certain I hadn’t. There were a lot of people there, none of whom I knew.

I got a new inner tube for my bicycle yesterday, The old one was so old and dry rotted that I think I’m going to replace the front tube too, even though it still holds air.

And that’s about all my rambling for today.

Have a good day, and watch BatDad! I want to know if you like it!

Long Time No See!

Seems like a long time since I posted a post, it was only last Friday, but it seems long ago. I guess that’s a sign of a good weekend.

Didn’t do much. Sunday, every NFL American Football Team I like got beat.

Ashy Thee Cat took it very hard

Saturday night the wife and I went to a “One Man Play With Audience Participation”. It was quite interesting, had potential, but it was a littlt too serious for my Saturday night.  The actor was portraying a little boy whose mom attempted suicide and he made her a list of the most excellent things. I believe the name of the play was “The Most Excellent List”

And that’ll do’er for today, have a great week!

Jetpack Disabled

You can now comment on my blog. The problem was Jetpack, a plugin that interfaces between and In other words, several things in my wordpress app don’t work because Jetpack is disabled. For example, I cannot appprove or disapprove comments from the app, I have to go to my sites dashboard on the web. I’m not sure if I can post this post using the app, if not, it’s cut and paste! I just found out images won’t upload…

Jetpack was working fine, then it just quit. I didn’t do anything… 

I can’t post this on the WordPress App, the app is telling me that I don’t have permssion…

I’ll probably fool around with Jetpack and see if I can get it working, But I’m not going to hurry any.

This has been a good, productive week at work. I expected a really tough week, every day, and every day turned out better than expected. But it ain’t over yet!

And here’s a random picture.

Me and my friend, Arliegh, we happened to be wearing our matching outfits!

IT’S FRIDAY! Have a great weekend!

Broken Blog

I’ve been overloadedly busy at work, and I haven’t been cruising blogs as much as normal. Which is why I thought I hadn’t been getting comments, Thanks to Chris, for emailing me and giving me the heads up.

Apparently nobody can leave comments, they get the message in the picture above when they try…

I got a problem here on this end, and it looks like a doosey. Not sure where to begin, but I’ll be working on it..

Have a great November!