Worst Tacos In The World


I just wanted to say, I had the worst tacos I have ever had at Chili’s restaurant at Miami International Airport.


Mine were on a plate like the above picture, but didn’t look like the picture. And were very bland.

This is my desperate, pathetic post for the day. It came from my “topic list”. If you love tacos, don’t get them from Chili’s!

Happy hump day!

Weather Irregular

I took the car yesterday, and then it got sunny and stayed sunny all day. Last night was clear and we looked for shooting stars. We got this meteor shower going on ya know.
This morning, got up at 5, looked outside, crystal clear. I figured I’d have a shower, some coffee, post my post and look for meteors some more while it got light.
Whilst I was in the shower, it started to rain. Pour. It was cloudless a minute ago. Whottheeheck.
How an I supposed to determine the most appropriate mode under these conditions?
The crap I gotta put up with, I tell ya.

You know what else bugs me? What is it? IT rained, IT got light. This irks me every time I hear it. Another thing that bothers me is the nameless “they” that so many people refer to. “Surely they’ll evacuate us, they won’t let us stay here!”

I’m off on a rant. Cabin fever from a little rain! Surely IT will stop! THEY won’t let me go crazy!


Here We Go Again. Monday.

Another Monday
It was a nice weekend.
Mother in law arrived Friday. Two hours late on a different flight. When the plane from Costa Rica landed, the door wouldn’t open. So she missed her connection. But it’s nice to have her here. I love my in laws.
Also, when we got home from work Friday, the internet was down. It got fixed yesterday, something wrong on a telephone pole a few blocks away.
Saturday, I took Sheba to the beach.
Sunday I put up an electric fence around the porch for the cat. She has to wear a special collar.
And we had a cookout with a whole tenderloin that I made on the grill. I think it was a little too well done,with pink only at the big end, but everyone said it was very good.
Now, it’s Monday. Blah.
Looks like it’s going to be another rainy week.

Flashback Friday: Bambi on the Big Screen


I remember seeing the movie Bambi in a theater with my Mom. I especially liked Thumper.

I remember being shocked when Bambi’s mom died.

I was 3 or 4 years old. I thought the movie was for people much older than me, and that I was too young to be exposed to such horrific violence.

It’s a cloudy day. It’s supposed to clear up this afternoon though.

My mother in law arrives this evening. That’s good!

I’m starting to get the annual Christmas fear. What am I going to buy? How will I pay for it?

It’s Friday! Have a good weekend!

Thursday Again

Here we are on a Thursday. I have nothing to talk about this morning. The sun is coming up in about 15 minutes, the chickens are squawking, the birds are singing and it;s very quiet. I can hear some neighbors arguing and cussing in a backyard far far away.
Tomorrow, my mother in law arrives, The Wife us very excited and I am too. A week or so after that, the father in law arrives. We get along good.
And that’s it. Thinking about taking the car today because of alleged thunderstorms this afternoon. then i’ll be stuck in traffic… Maybe I’ll just risk it and ride. I don’t know yet…
Have a wonerful day!

Evaluate My Dream For Me

Had a weird dream
I was in a car, with a little white dog, and our new cat, Ashy.
I pulled into a store parking lot (the store I really wanted to go to was aroud the corner from the store we were at, but I didn’t want any body to know I wanted to go to that store)
I got out of the car and took this big tractor tire out of the back. I was rolling it across the parking lot, toward the store door. I was thinking “I should have left this in the car, heck, I should just throw it away, It’s a pain in the ass, carryng this tire everywhere.” But I knew I wouldn’t throw it away because that would be littering.

I looked back at the car, and saw a place in front of the car, where I could ditch the tire. I saw the dog and cat, playing. The cat was biting the dogs tail. I thought to myself, “At least the cat’s finally gettig along with the dog.”
I also saw a picnic table, in pine tree woods, On the table were playing cards, and a whole bunch of empty bottles and cans, like there was a card game there last night, and everybody just got up and walked away.
I walked over to the table,  (with my tire) and looked. The cards were huge, more than twice the size of regular cards, all face up. There were a lot of them, and I turned some over and some were red, and some were blue. Two decks of cards. They were cool, and I wanted to take them, but I thought “that would be stealing” although they were clearly abandoned.

The lesson I learn from this dream is that I carry a burden I don’t want to carry, because I worry what others will think (ditchig the tire/littering) and I don’t do what I want to do, again, because I’m worried what others will think (not going to the store I wanted to go to, and not taking the cards, although they were clearly abandoned, laying with a pile of trash)

What do you think?

Tired Tuesday

I stayed up late to watch Washington VS Dallas on Monday Night Football.


I went to bed about 12:30 and got up a 5AM. Redskins always lose if they don’t score first and I should havegone to bed afer the first Dallas field goal.

Also last night, we went and saw the new Hunger Games which was quite good. Recomend  it for theater viewing.

I’m tired, Hurtin fer certain.

Twas a nice weekend


Ready to go!


Beachkiss selfie

It was a good weekend. Sunday I took Sheba to the beach. She absolutely loved it.
Sunday afternoon, The Wife went to a Costa Rica bar be cue at a friends house. I stayed home and watched American football. Tje Redskins MUST win tonight. They must, or else there is a three way tie for first in the division. What a mess.

Here’s another pic.


Wonder what’s the difference between these two? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say. Cheerieos must loooooove Fruit Loops!

Hava good week!

Friday / Monday

Heading back to work this morning. Feels like Monday, but it’s Friday. I don’t know what I was thinking, I should have taken off today too and gone in on Monday.

Here’s a couple more vaycay pics…


Sombrero muy pequnio


Our favorite path at the resort

On Our Way Home

Checkout time is noon. Flight at three. Home about ten PM tonight.
Yesterday, we planned on hanging around the resort, but ended up going to Playa Del Carmen. We said goodbye to our friends who live here.
Then we came back to the resort and started saying goodbye to our new friends from the wedding, most of whom are leaving today for Canada.
And some pics from yesterday.




Talk to you again tomorrow!