New World Record!


I set a new worlds record for jumping rope this morning. 46 jumps. My old record was 42, twice.
In celebration of this amazing feat, I am taking tomorrow and the next day off from work. Since I was already up, I decided to go ahead and go to work today. This is what I think I look like, jumping rope:


So cool!

Happy Thursday


Happy Thursday! Almost the weekend! Above is a picture I took just now, because the picture makes the post! Or ruins it, as may be the case here.

I got nothing planned to post about. The weather’s been good, works been sucking it and I’m living for my time off.

I think my Windows Laptop died. I’m pure Android now. On my laptop, the display is too dark to see, I can pull the plug and reboot it, but after the screen saver kicks in, and then it goes to sleep, it won’t come back when I move the mouse. If you stand at the right angle, you can see the display is there, just too dark.

Tomorrow is Friday, unless you live on the  far side of the date line, then it’s Friday already! YEay!

I Can Do Whatever I Want

The problem is, I don’t know what I want to do.

I don’t recall ever having a job I  enjoyed, one that I wanted to go to work.

When I was a kid, with the exception of “scuba diver”, I never knew “what I  wanted to be when I grew up”, and I still don’t.

I picked Electronics Technician when I joined the Navy because of a Heathkit stereo my Dad and I put together when I was a kid. It was mostly my Dad putting it together. Electronics  Technician seemed vaguely familiar because of that.

And that’s what I’ve been doing since 1979. Never really enjoying it, but making OK money till now.

So what do I want to do?

It doesn’t matter, I still can do whatever I want.  All I can think of that I like is swimming and diving and going to the beach. I could be a diving instructor, but the salary there would more than halve again what I’m making now.

There’s a place here called “Smoothie King”. I think it’s a great place, I think I’d like owning a franchise like that. I’ve looked at franchises, but can’t really find anything I like and could afford.

I just don’t know what I want to do.

Got any ideas?

Ditto’s OK for now

Ditto had a rough weekend. But yesterday afternoon he started acting like he felt better. We were worried, because he wasn’t eating, but then his appetite kicked it.


Here’s a picture of the sick Ditto, in his bed. Glad he’s feeling better!

It’s Monday, and I have the attitude to prove it. Just let me hang on till lunchtime, I’m going to the beach, rain or shine.

Below is a picture of our cats, hanging out on the driveway yesterday evening, watching the dogs.


Have a good week!

Ditto Digsby

Got home yesterday, Fed the cats, went inside, hollered for dogs to come down.
Sheba came down, Ditto was missing.
I let Sheba out, went upstairs, looking for Ditto. I found him sprawled out on the floor in a puddle of his own pee, one leg in every direction. He couldn’t get up. His hips had given out on him. I helped him up, holding his sides while he walked around bit, getting the circulation going. The wife came home and gave him half an aspirin. I gave him half a Advil. Two hours later, he seemed relatively OK, I helped him downstairs, he spent some time in the yard. He came upstairs and  pooped on the floor. All normal.

Last night at 1 AM he started yelping. He was sprawled out in the living room, but not spread eagle, he looked comfortable. Wife gave him aspirin, I gave him a half an Advil again.

Woke up this morning, it was good to find him in his bed, I gave him another half an Advil. He’s out in the yard now.

I am taking him to the vet today,. When I got home yesterday, he seemed like he was stuck in that position for a long time. I don’t know what the vet’s going to say.

I’m worried about him.

Lugubrious Thursday



You can see how this camera kills red in these two shots. The top one is the red red sunrise, but you  can’t tell. The second one, look in the reflection in the window, see the red? The top photo should show that red.

I seem to be having keyboard problems. On this keyboard, it’s the space bar. You really gotta hit it good to make it work. At work yesterday, I noticed I was having problems with the caps key. Couldn’t make a capital letter until about the 3rd or 4th try.

Below are some ship pictures from a couple days ago. The top one is a cargo carrier, the bottom one is a British warship that was/is visiting.



It’s looking  like a rainy windy cold day today.

Happy Thursday!

Lunar Eclipse



Above are two pics from this mornings eclipse. It was really fast. When I got up at 5:00, about half the moon was covered in shadow. By the time I got my  camera, it was almost all in shadow. By 5:20, the moon had gone behind clouds and it was over.

It wasn’t really red, more orange.

Happy  Hump Day!

Moonset Morning

This morning I  got up just in time to see the moon setting. It looks like it’s reflecting off of water but it’s not, just camera movement. Plus here at my house, the moon sets behind trees, not water, most of the time.



Both pictures are similar, just the top one is luckier.

I slept good last night. I woke up a  few times, and glanced at the clock, but didn’t get up on an elbow and watch it go ’round. And when I started thinking, I  told myself to stop thinking and tried to focus on my breathing.

And the Redskins lost last night, I was hoping that after yesterdays post, I would get proven wrong but NOOOooooooo. I am so done with the NFL already… don’t I say that every year?

Anyway, that’ll doer for today. Have a good day!

NFL’s Worst Year


For me, this has been the worst year for NFL Football that I  can ever remember. Without exception, whatever game I have watched or looked at, the team I want to win has lost.

I wanted to watch one good game yesterday. Nary a one.

Woke up last night at 2 AM, my first thought was “Good, it’s still early enough to go to sleep”. At 3:30 I was thinking “In a half hour, the I’ll only have an hour before I have to get up.” I seem to have insomnia only on weeknights. I sleep good on the weekends.


These birds just landed next to me.

It’s Monday. Blah.

Have a good week!