Vacationing is hard work!

Yesterday we went and  spend the day in Key West. We went to Hemmingways house which was cool. We went to Sloppy Joes for lunch, and we walked a million miles. Our house is 97 miles from Key West.


Six toed cat


Hemmingways last penny


La Familia en la casa


Key West lighthouse


Inside Sloppy Joes

Good Morning Monday!




Here in sunny Florida, arrived Saturday night. The Wife and I flew into Miami, rented a van and spent the day shopping. I got an SD card reader and a new cool phone case. The Wife got one million new swimsuits and a lot of other stuff.

Then we drove to Ft Lauderdale and picked up the In Laws, Ma and Pa and Bro and Sis in laws.

We drove down to Key Largo, stopping for a steak on the way, and the arrived at our rented house on a canal. (Pics above, back and front) The plan yesterday was no plan, and except for a grocery excursion, we didn”t leave the house. We hung out by the pool, and not much else.

Today we’re driving down to Key West.

Sorry, I don’t think I’ll be commenting on blogs much this week, 🙁

Long Day Ahead

Woke up this morning around 3 AM. I was up, walking around the house and saw 3:33 on the stove clock. At 4:58 I thought, “The alarm goes off soon.” I never went back to sleep since I first woke up.

After work today, I have a sound job. If I make it home by 9:30 tonight I’ll consider myself lucky.

I asked for the day off tomorrow, but I don’t think I’ll get it.

Feeling crabby.


Slowest Week Ever

Good Lawd! Isn’t it Friday YET!??! This week is taking forever. I know next week will fly, but that don’t do me no good now.

Yesterday I changed a light switch and found the builder had chipped the hole too big for the switches. I can see a gap in the wall where the plastic cover ends. They had filled it in with spackle, which is what I’ll probably do too. My old tub of spackle was too dry, so I have to buy new. Plus the light cover for the outside light is broken. Wish me Good luck finding the replacement that matches (That’s a joke).

Today would have been my Dads birthday. 85.

Anyway, time for me to head out. Hava goodun!

Getting Darker

This morning when I walked the dogs the solar lights my Wife has in the yard were still on. A sign that it’s getting light later and the days are getting shorter. Soon I’ll be waking up in total darkness.

Three working days left (I hope). My Vacation starts Monday, but yesterday I put in for Friday off. If I get off, I want to take the boat out.

I don’t have much to talk about today. Under-coffeed and brain dead.

Five Days and a Wake Up


Monday morning again, it’s hazy and gray. The sun coming up this morning looks just like the sun did setting last night. I don’t ever recall any weather quite like this in Cayman. Breezy yet hot.

Five days and a wake up till vacation. Very eager to go.

It was forecast to be windy this weekend, so I didn’t take the boat out. It didn’t turn out to be so bad. I need a trailer hitch, so I have some independence.

I mowed the yard yesterday, and The Wife did some landscaping. Looks goooooooood!

Have a good week.

Dress Down Friday

Dress down Friday is popular for business’s here on the island and abroad I think too. But, I gotta say, it don’t make no sense. And it doesn’t sound too catchy.


I think it would be better and sound snappier if it was “Formal Friday” A lot of people where I work do a better job of Formal Friday than Dress Down Friday. I show up in jeans and everyone else is dressed fancier than the rest of the week.

Besides, the best day to dress down would be Monday, don’t you think? It could be Messy Dressy Monday, or Mangled Monday. You can come crawling in after a rough weekend, and wouldn’t even have to worry about getting cleaned up!