Blogger Banned, Then Unbanned (I think?)

Our fellow Blogger, Nine year old Martha Payne has a blogger blog called NeverSeconds. Her blog is about school lunches and she’d take pictures of her lunch every day and count how many bites it took to eat it. She uses her blog to earn money for a kitchen for a place Called Marys Meals.
The other day, she was called to the office and told that she could not take pictures of her lunch anymore…. 

There was a huge international outcry, and apparently she has been given permission to take pictures again.
I love it when a little girl kicks the administrations ass! Read the article HERE. But in her blog, her Dad says she still can’t take photos, so I don’t know what is going on actually. We’ll see if the lunch pictures come back.

 Count your bites!

 Not bad looking to me. This reminds me of my school lunches. Except maybe we had a huge pile of overcooked blackish green squishy spinach to go with it. And everything on the tray would be floating in a half inch of spinach juice…..

Do ya eat the Popsicle or the burger first?….Only  TWO tater tots?!!?? And what kinda burger is that?? No mustard or ketchup or lettuce or tomato? Cucumber instead of pickle? 
Please Suh, I want some more!
Martha Payne, You ROCK! Keep up the good work!!!
(This is one of the things I though I’d post yesterday before my mind went blank. BTW.)

I was going to post today

I’ve been wondering what to post this morning but I’m drawing a blank. Yesterday, I had a lot of ideas and thought todays post would be interesting and snappy. This morning all my good ideas have left me.
I woke up at 3:30 last night and was up for a couple hours, then was sleeping like a rock when the dogs woke me up.
Last night I was riding my scooter and a bat hit me in the chest. It was like getting hit with a pair of rolled up socks. The bat landed on my floorboard and I kicked him off with my foot. It was creepy.
It’s Friday, I plan on diving again this weekend. The wife and I have some type of party to go to tonight. I plan on running around today like a crazy person.
After I drink my coffee and get situated.
I’ve been wanting a telescope since forever. But it is one of those things that I want then seldom use, like my binoculars.. The problem is setting it up and taking it down and storing it…. I want a telescope but it’d be like the dog who caught the car. “what do I do with it now?”

Friday In My Mind

In my head it’s Friday. I can’t repel the idea. I am aware that it’s Thursday in my conscious mind but my soul says Friday. I’ve had this squirrel pic for a while, waiting to post it. I would like to know what caption you’d put on this picture.
Oh WHY can’t it be Friday now?

Then, I figured as long as we were on squirrels, I’d slap this one up too. I like it. 
Have a nutcrunchin good Friday Eve…


My Wife got me started on Instagram. It is a phone app for almost any phone with internet and a camera. It is really fun. Yesterday I moved all the pictures from my phone to my computer, and here’s a few instagram photos. If you have Instagram, or get it, please follow me and I’ll follow you. MarkD60.

Cool Dream

Last night I had a cool dream, I think it was a repeat dream. 
I was on the bridge of a ship, heading into a harbor. I was standing right next to the Captain/Helmsman. We were cruising in at a high rate of speed and there were other ships and boats anchored in the harbor. 
Large Cruise Ship Closer & Smaller Cargo Ship Further Away Creates Interesting Perspective
I was beginning to think we couldn’t slow down in time, when suddenly the helmsman turned the wheel and the ship suddenly turned sideways and stopped, then instantly pointed back in the original direction again. Kind of like when a skier turns his skis sideways to stop.
It was a very cool and very enjoyable dream. Makes me wish I could go back in time to my Navy days.

I have been thinking that I am getting tired of blogging. Google Chrome and the new blogger interface make it much less enjoyable. It seems to me that Facebook, Blogger and Internet Browsers in general are getting worse and worse with each update. It’s very annoying and frustrating. 

Lately I’ve been concerned about my attitude for a lot of aspects of my life getting worse. I think I need a checkup from the neck up!

Monday Picture post

Went diving yesterday, and took pictures. This is a simple post of several of those pictures. If you’re on Facebook, you’ve already seen a couple of them.

Queen Triggerfish
Tube Sponge
Teeny Tiny Baby
French Angel
Can’t remember if it’s a Boxfish or a Trunkfish
My Dive Buddy, a stingray and friend
Arrow Crab

I have things to do this week. Big things, important things. I’ll be needing all my self discipline and all the help I can get.

Warmth Is For The Weak

Says The Wife upon getting into our freezing (85 degree F) pool this morning.

I’m glad it’s Friday! 

I did an image search for “Fried A” and got nothing. (Every time I hear “Friday”, I think: “fried A”.) At the beach there’s a sign that says “No Loud Music Allowed” I always think “There’s two ‘louds’ in that sentence.” 

I can’t help it, I’m twisted and sick that way.

Since I couldn’t find any Fried A you’ll have to put up with this. Wednesday picture.


Yeah, cereal killers.

Anyway I won’t waste any more of your time. Have a good weekend!!

Before and after

Here’s a picture my wife took last weekend. I hated the wine glass, so I took it out. You can still see a big chunk of the wine glass in the “retouched” pic, but I don’t think you can tell what it is, or even notice it unless you see the pic WITH the wine glass. (I thought I had removed the whole thing till I compared them side by side.)

It’s Thursday It would be nice to go diving sometime soon. Maybe this weekend?

UPDATE: Here I took the rest of the wine glass out. You can still see a screwup near my watch. Maybe I’ll fix that and maybe I won’t.

My Transit Photos, MIB III

Yesterday afternoon was the transit of Venus across the face of the sun. It only happens twice, eight years apart, every hundred and five years or so. I took these pics at 1/2000th of  a second and F 6.3. Thereabouts.
As the sun got lower the sky got hazier and we couldn’t see much more than shown in the pictures. 
Then we went to see Men In Black III which was very good and I recommend seeing it in the theater in 3D.
Hump Day today. Insomnia was kicked in full blast last night. To bed at 10, awake at 2. Maybe snoozed about 45 minutes between 4 and 5, awake for the alarm. I’m not tired right now though.

Tuesday for you, Monday for me

Yesterday was a holiday here. So today is my Monday (and a lot of other peoples)
I joined this thing called Instagram, if you’re on it, please follow me, MarkD60. My Wife is on it and she was telling me how much she likes it. 
Also I’m on Twitter, I REALLY like Twitter. It is kicking Facebooks butt. If you’re on Twitter, please follow me as well,, again, MarkD60.
Attitude is an amazing thing. It is like lenses you see the world through, and it makes things seem absolutely real, even if you rationally know they are not. It’s kind of like how you feel makes it impossible to know how you feel. Usually I am unaware of how I feel, unless I suddenly get a way of comparison, like being in the same place under the same circumstances and being aware that the only thing different is me. It makes all the difference between success and failure at almost any task.
Right now I feel like I’m going around a corner and things are going to start changing for the better. I hope the feeling lasts.