Pizza Sandwich. My Saturday

On the new job, I will be off Fridays and Sundays.
That means today is my Saturday.
Except I’m not off, I have to go out and install a new transmitter and a production studio. Hopefully I can get it done today, if I don’t need parts.
I am drinking coffee, trying to think of what to say, there ain’t much.
Below is a picture of a Zebra plant flower to be. It is growing on a long stalk, and I have been watching it. Later I’ll show more pictures as it grows.
Yesterday for lunch I had a pizza sandwich. I’ll give you the recipe, take notes, it’s complicated.
1) Take two leftover slices of cold pizza
2) Lay them flat on your work surface, crust down, toppings up, pointy ends away from you.
3) Fold your right hand slice over onto the left*, like closing a book, so the crusts are out, toppings in. Take care to ensure proper alignment of the pointy ends.
4) Put in plastic bag and wait till lunchtime.
5) Eat like normal sandwich.
* If you are left handed, reverse the procedure, placing the left hand slice upon the right.
There you have it, a pizza sandwich. If you neeed more detailed instructions, leave a comment in the comment section, and I will consider dedicating an entire post, with photos, to make the procedure more clear.
Have a gooooooooood DAY!


I set my alarm for 5:55 so I could get up and start getting more exercise.
I woke up at 4:30, laid there and laid there, finally got up and made coffee, and now I’m here in the pre dawn dark, starting to get sleepy again.

Bloggers Block

The last few days I’ve been having trouble thinking of anything to post. As you may have noticed.

I like looking back in my blog and see what I was doing a year ago, two years ago, all the way back to six years ago. Six years ago I was going to the Brac. Lost my Yahoo account (I still don’t trust and have nothing to do with Yahoo since)

Below is a picture of a cruise ship I took yesterday on my way home from work. It’s not as dark as the camera makes it out to be. Notice there is a sailboat passing between me and the ship.

Crabby Monday

Woke up kinda crabby this morning, Sometimes walking the dogs is like dragging around rocks on a string. I’m working today, yesterday was a horrible football day, nobody won.
I do gotta say that I am ever increasingly impressed with my new camera though. Hope this one lasts….
Below are some pics I took yesterday, wasting film.
A Kite, way way up there

A bird in our waterer.
This is a teddy bear cookie that my wife made, it is being sent to Greece. Ignore the mess behind me, this is My Area.
Have a pleasant week. Ye scurvy Dogs!

Pirates Week 2011

Yesterday was the start of Pirates week 2011, with the Pirates Landing and the parade. It was a lot of fun! Below are some of the pictures
The Guy Harvey Float in the Parade
My Pirate Wife
Pirate Ship
The Ice Cream Man
Little Pirate
More Little Pirates
Carnival Girl
Girls from the Rum Factory
There was a very very good crowd


I’m just posting about 11-11-11 because everyone else is too, and besides, next year we have 12-12-12, then that’s it for a long long long time.
Yesterday at the new job was pretty good, and tomorrow is the Pirates Week Parade. Previously I was a Redcoat and a Pirate, this year I’m a “Float Parade Marshall.” I don’t know what that is, but I guess kind it’s kind of like back in the old west. I wonder what a Marshall does during parade after a vicious attack by viscous bunch of viscous pirates?
No Pirates better get in my way, er I’ll gun ’em down!Also, please notice that I posted this post at 11:11 on 11-11-11.

First Day, New Job

Although CayTronics has been paying the bills, I have still had too much time on my hands, and today am starting a new job in a dive shop called Divers World. I will be doing sales and repairing and servicing dive equipment. CayTronics will stay in full operation, same as before.
When I was very young, I wanted to be a scuba diver. I subscribed to Skin Diver Magazine for years and years in landlocked Missouri.
When I graduated High School, I joined the Navy but didn’t know what schools to try and get. I chose electronics because of a Heathkit Stereo my Dad and I built when I was a kid. I never had a craving to be an electronics technician or engineer. A lot of it had to do with doing something that my Dad would approve of. In the Navy, I got stationed in Pearl Harbor, and learned to scuba dive there at a Honolulu dive shop.
When got out of the Navy, and lived Virginia, I worked my electronics job from 7:30 till 3:30, then started at 4 PM at a dive shop, teaching scuba class and working in the shop.
I always considered making the switch from Electronics to Diving, but the scuba salary had been too low. Now, even though the salary is too low, the alternative is sitting at home, or go out beating the bushes to get more CayTronics business.
Maybe God is doing for me what I have not done for myself.

Beach Yesterday

Although I predicted rain, yesterday turned out to be a really nice day, and I spent most of it at the beach.
Then, when I was feeding the cats in the afternoon, up strolled a newcomer. We’ve seen this one before, he is Big Tom*. BTK is the mother of all our cats (‘cept herself, of course), Big Tom* is suspected to be the father. He looks in pretty good shape, I think he has a nice home somewhere.
Below is a picture of Al Bina especially for Yellowdog Granny, because I know she especially likes Al Bina. She’s always in the yard, hunting and sneaking around. She has dirt in her eyes and dirt in her nose and dirt in her ears. I think she thinks she’s a boy cat. (Al, not Yellowdog Granny!)
* The name “Big Tom” has NOT been approved by The Wife and therefore may be subject to change in the future. MarkD60 and/or any of his affiliates cannot be held responsible or liable for any confusion this may cause.