Your Last Point and Shoot Camera

I read an article a month or so ago almost titled “The point and shoot camera you own right now is the last point and shoot camera you’ll ever buy”. Of course, I can’t find the article now, but the gist was that cell phone cameras are getting so good that you won’t need to carry a camera and your phone. My cell phone has a 5 Megapixel camera, which isn’t bad, and since I read that article I’ve been trying to take more photos with my phone.
Now here’s something for you to check out: The Lomography website. Lomography is a group that is dedicated to analogue (film) photography. But I like their 10 Golden Rules and think it would be a good idea to apply these rules, even though I (we) use a digital camera. Plus, your phone camera is one you probably have with you all the time, which is Rule Numba One.

Thick Thursday

I am not awake yet. I’ve been up, walked the dawgs, but not had my first sippa coffee yet.
I’ve been running some newspaper ads for the company. So far I got two calls.
I don’t have a topic today, I’m just rambling. I am pretty stunned by Japan. Now the reactors are melting. Imagine your house is wrecked, your family is distraught, and you have to go to work every day to try to keep the reactors from melting. Probably there is a lot of heroes being made in Japan these days.
Also I was thinking this blog is kind of psychotic. I think that’s the word. One day the post is a joke, a funny picture or something. The next is disaster video. Then another joke. It’s all over the place.
Today I am picking up a laptop to fix, and I have to make some calls. I want to start swimming again. I dug my goggles out yesterday. Remember when I used to swim a half mile a day?
Look at the text on this post, to me it looks like the red is projecting out of the screen about an inch, while the blue looks further away. Do you see it? or is it just my damaged brain hallucinating?

On this day in ancient history

I entered the US Navy March 15, 1979. I got out March 14, 1985. Joining the Navy, I thought my life was ending, I thought it was like voluntary prison or something. It was much better than I expected, and something that defined who I am almost more than the entirety of my childhood.

After and Before

Here are several before and after satellite photos. There’s more HERE. If you click the link, there is a slider you have to slide back and forth to see the before and after.
Sendai Airport



It’s actually starting to get to me. Seems like the whole world is going to crap. Seems like there are “situations” all over the planet more and more.

The Zone

Sometimes when I’m sleeping, I’m in ‘The Zone’. Where it’s comfortable, my thoughts are pleasant, the temperature is perfect and I just want to stay there. Usually I’m not aware I was there till I’m not there anymore. I can feel myself trying to stay as I begin floating away, as the dogs desperate “Time For A Walk!!” grunts slowly wake me up.

Then there is the opposite end of the spectrum. I am laying in four inches of dried concrete. My dreams are annoying. (This morning I dreamed someone broke my door, stole my car, and I was so angry and frustrated I was unsuccessfully trying to stab him with my car keys after he brought it back. And a whole bunch of people parked cars all over our yard, including a hearse). I want to wake up but I can’t. When I finally do wake up, I can barely get out of bed. My head hurts, my jaw and teeth ache. I feel like I am covered in grease. My neck is sore, my back hurts and I feel so messed-up in my head I call it brain damage. I can’t seem to think. I feel tireder than I did when I went to bed. That’s where I am right now.

Coffee Helps. Lots of coffee.