Lonely Week

The Wife is going away for work for a few days. I’ll be here, the dawgs’ll be taking care of me while she’s gone.

Our alarms went off at the same time this morning. Hers went off, she turned it off. Then it went off again and she just laid there. After a sec0nd I whined “Baby turn it OFF!” she said “that’s not mine” I said “Oh” then I shut my alarm off.
The literary level of the content for this blog is exceptionally high, don’t you think?

Drawing a blank

This is another day that there’s no topic I can come up with.

It rained last night, the first significant rain since I don’t know when.
I had a really weird dream last night, about mango trees, wheat fields, spiders and snakes and my dog, Ditto. I won’t try to write the whole thing down, but I needed Ditto to save me from this snake, but I was afraid to yell because I thought he might think he had done something wrong and run away. Meanwhile this red snake is poised to strike at me. The theme of needing to take action and not because of the fear of repercussions is not new to me. Once in a dream, I went over a cliff in a car because I didn’t want to press the brakes hard enough to leave skid marks in the nice green grass.
Anyway, I’m just kind of rambling, so that’ll do for today.

Did it again

I did it again, last night I was so tired, I was falling asleep. I COULDN’T stay awake. I went to bed about 9PM and woke up at One-Eleven (1:11) I was up till 4:30ish. Now, again, I am brain damaged and drinking coffee to restore my brain.

Also, For THEE Record, You are hereby notified that I invented a new word:

When people ignore your blog and you get few or NO comments.

Now the serious stuff: Where were all my blogger friends yesterday? When I was suffering* in the pits of despair* over my beloved* stapler? No one was there for me. Only Happy Days gave me some sympathy and encouragement. (Thank You Happy Days you SAVED* me!)
All day* yesterday, in my woe*, I was checking my blog for comments every thirty* seconds*.. Then after a barren* day of being blognored, I began to feel abandoned* and rejected*, in addition to my impossible* burden* of limitless* grief *
“Oh yeah”, I thought, “Something good or funny or even cute I am Mr Popular* surrounded by friends and may pull in a whopping* three or four ZILLION* comments. But let there be a disastrous* incident* like my size of staples being discontinued, I am suddenly alone*, adrift* on an ocean* of rejection* and isolation*.”

Then I thought that maybe this tragedy* was too much for people to handle. You, my Dear Incessant Reader, come here and are used to a blog that is Rated G,You come one day and suddenly find it to be a Heavy*, Deep* Obscene* “R” Rating*…And maybe it was too much for most to handle. So I apologize, and will try to give better warning in the future if the content may be overwhelming for most, like yesterdays certainly was.

* Portions marked above with * were probably exaggerated dramatically to dramatically increase the dramatic emphasis.

Sad News in Stapler City

This is a very old memory, stupid but true. When I was a little kid, I wanted a stapler. I remember wanting one, knowing I didn’t really need one, (I could use my Moms), but I wanted one and asked. I remember seeing the WTF?? look in her face, but she came home with a stapler for me very soon after that. I think this is 1964 or 1965.

So, I’ve had this stapler since then, I left it home when I was in the Navy, but other than that, I’ve had my stapler with me wherever I went and loved it from the moment I got it.

Now, I can’t find staples for it. I’ve been looking for staples for years. I am now running low on my last box. It’s a bad reason to need to buy a new stapler.
I have an empty staple box, and an almost empty stapler. Yesterday…. I bought a new one.
The old one cost less than two dollars, the new one cost almost twenty-five.

Iguana Day

Yesterday was Iguana Day, that national Iguana holiday where all the iguanas come out to party, and bask in the sun.

The Iguana House was rockin’!


Yo Dude! No pictures please!
Hee HEee HEEE! I’m a witch! This is my broom!
Party crasher chicken in a tree pretending to be an iguana!

Another NO Post day

It’s another day, and I can’t think of anything to post.

Yesterday, I tried to do a video post from my podcast website, but it didn’t work. The video plays there, but won’t play on the embeddable player that I paste to other websites. (like this one)
I’ll keep working on it.

In the NEWS, NASA has sent two satellites to opposite sides of the sun, providing a 360 degree view of the surface. I think it is cool. When I was a kid, we used to speculate that there was another planet, exactly like Earth, in the same orbital path on the exact opposite side of the sun. If there was, we’d never know about it.

The Line in the pic above shows a gap in the data that should close up when the satellites get into proper position,

This is the sun in green. I don’t know why it’s green. Go read the article.

Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday!

It . . .

. . .was a very nice weekend. Saturday we went to a friends wedding party. They had a small private wedding a week or so ago, then had a party at their house for the friends.

Sunday, we went to the beach, and it was a perfect day for it. We found a new ‘secret spot’ that really isn’t very secret. You just walk down the beach a ways from our old secret spot, which was pretty crowded when we got there.
Then last night we went out and watched the Super Bowl, it was pretty good. Pittsburgh could have won it with a touchdown in the last quarter, but they didn’t. I was watching the game, but nobody else at my table was interested, so I may have seemed kind or rude. Also there was a drunk guy in front who thought it was cute to get up repeatedly and put his hand on something on the screen. Oh yeah, and the halftime show was theee stupidest ever!
Now it’s Monday. Feels like Sunday.

Queen Trigger Fish from yesterday

High Brain Failure Rate

Sunday morning, before my first sip of coffee.

Tonight is the super bowl, I am for Green Bay. No reason, I just wanted them to beat Chicago, and I’m sticking with them this week too.

I’m still looking for jobs, I went to some Chamber of Commerce forums Friday, and got leads on several jobs. But nobody calls. Everyone has broken computers, but when it’s time to get them fixed, I guess they can do without them! Monday I’ll be out beating the bushes again. Same as the radio stations here, guess they’ll wait till they’re off the air before they call, rather than do maintenance.

Anyway, I’m not too sure what this post is about. I am kind of just rambling. So I’m going to drink coffee, maybe ride my bike to the beach before the wife wakes up, go snorkeling and have a cigar!