Sunshine Award

I have been awarded this Sunshine Award by Elettra. Thanks for the award! I supposed to pass this award on to 12 people. Coincidentally, there are 12 listed in my Sidebar, and that’s the 12 I choose.
Thanks Elettra!
Check out Elettras blog, Ad Maiora, HERE. She can see the Mediterranean Sea from her house! (Say that 10 times real fast!) She always posts cool pics. Wait for her page to load, and there will be a ‘Translate’ button at the top for if you don’t speak Italian. Very Cool Blog!

Christmas Lites and A Company Car

Last night The Wife and I went to a party by the pool at a fellow Rebreather Divers house in South Sound. It was very nice. There was lasagna and I ate three huge pieces. Then on the way home we stopped and I took a phonecam video of someones yard with their excessive Christmas Lights. This is from the street, the lights went almost all the way around the house, and you could go in and walk around. We didn’t go in because I had to pee… The Wife wants to go back.

Yesterday morning I had the windows done in my wifes old car, which is going to be my new company car. I think it came out very well. Now I just need some business! (I don’t have the website up yet as I am having problems with the domain administrator or the internet provider, not sure which yet!)


I took these pictures yesterday, the sunburst looked really cool with the eye, but not so great on the camera. I adjusted the exposure to get a better sunburst but then it looked like a good sunburst on a very lugubrious day. It was actually a nice morning with white, fluffy clouds and that cold north wind we’ve been having wasn’t too bad yesterday. Today is looking pretty good too.

List of Fours

I was tagged by my Wife to do this list of fours.. I haven’t done any tags in a long time…. The FIRST thing that comes to mind, is if it is a list of fours, why are there nine questions, why not only four?

1. Four TV shows that you watch:
I don’t even know 4 TV shows…. Family Guy, Simpsons…. That’s all I can think of. I don’t watch TV. I watched The Simpsons when it first came out, wasn’t it 20 years ago already? Family guy I watch on the computer or DVD
I did see part of one once about a doctor who acted like he didn’t give a rats ass, but I have no idea what the name was, but it looked pretty good. And the one with the punk rock crime lab girl, that one’s pretty good. I saw the one where one of her co-workers stole her cupcake.

2. Four things you are passionate about:
my wife,
being outdoors
my Blog

3. Four words/phrases you say a lot:
I don’t give a rats ass.
Most excellent,
What the Fuck!??!!

4. Four things you’ve learned from the past:
Sometimes you just gotta stop, and ask yourself just what the hell are you doing?
If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
Listen to the smallest voice in your head.
God will seldom do anything for me, I have to take the action, God handles the results.

5. Four places you would like to go:
Visit my house in Virginia, USA.

6. Four things you did yesterday:
Went and picked up a check
Went to the bank
Went to the cigar store
turned in a lesson for my Network + course

7. Four things you are looking forward to:
My cousins visit next week
My next trip to Costa Rica
Sunny hot weather again

8. Four things you love about Winter:
When winter starts, the days start getting longer, meaning summer is on the way.
The holidays
New years eve
Good sleeping weather

9. Tag 4 people to play along: Of course, if you didn’t get tagged, and you want to do it, consider yourself tagged. And if you got tagged, and don’t want to do it, you are under no legal obligation to do so.
Yellowdog Granny
Coffee Slut
Chris H at Diet Coke Rocks
Kelle at Never Done Farm

Before and After

Last weekend the lot next door to our house got cleared so they could build another house. They really only knocked down one big tree, a Birch. The lot had been cleared about three years previously, but I do hate to see our quiet street get more and more crowded. Below are before and after shots, each image is really two, pasted together to form the beautiful panorama you see.

Good Party

The party last night was a success. The food was great. The beef was good! I would have liked a titch rarer, but it had a little pink in it. I think I mentioned earlier that I developed a theory that my meat thermometer is about 20 degrees off, I think it’s more like 10. The tenderloin was good, no doubt about it. I cooked it a new way. First, I cranked up the grill to full power. The temp was saying 450 when I put the beef on. Closed the lid, and turned it after 5 minutes. 5 minutes later that, I turned off the two center burners, and lowered the outside to about the middle. The grill was hovering about 350, but I don’t really trust that thermometer. After about 30 minutes, I started checking the beef with the meat thermometer. Then let it sit for about 15 minutes before you cut it. This lets the juices get reabsorbed by the meat. I didn’t do this, I waited about 5 and should have waited longer. When I cut it, the juice poured out on the tray, and the beef was just a little dry.
The Wife will post pics when she wakes up, I am sure. Not of the beef, of the party!
Don’t quit reading now! I posted two posts today, look beeelow for a videeeo! (Hey! that rhymes)

Natalie Time Lapse Video

This is a cool video from the news very recently.

“Natalie‚Äôs father took photographs of her everyday life for ten years. Her loving father then made a time lapse video of her growth from a toddler to a ten-year-old girl.

The whole video shows the growth of Natalie just in one minute and twenty five seconds”

Do a search for “Natalie Time Lapse Video” and you will see where I got this. I bet it took a LOT of painstaking work to make this video.

Party Tonight!

Tonight we’re having my wifes co-workers over for a party. We have a whole tenderloin I’m cooking on the grill. I could have gotten Prime Rib for less money, but you know what? To me, Prime Rib isn’t that great a cut of meat. I haven’t been impressed with prime rib in a long time. Maybe I’ll give it a go again someday, when I’m cooking it myself. On the grill.

Below is a picture of a Yacht I took off of Seven Mile Beach. This type of yacht is pronounced YACHT, not YOT. There are no silent letters in the really fancy YACHTS. Click the pic to enlarge and notice the helicopter is in a helicopter case. And there is a boat on davits on the side that is bigger than most peoples main boats. And it looks like a really fancy RIB speedboat on top under the covers. The smoke stack makes me think that is has gas turbines, one of the newest, best propulsion systems out there. This is one sweet ride!
I don’t know who owns it, but anyone with a YACHT like that is surely one of my regular blog readers, all the most successful people are!